Thomas Sowell on the second edition of Intellectuals and Society
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K Manwarren
He was so right. Watching this in quarantine. This rings so true.
A.X. Marcus
"Intellectuals have many skills which enable them to evade the testing of what they believe."--Thomas Sowell. The quotability index on this man is sky high.
Disciple of Christ
Thomas Sowell is the type of intellectual we need more.
Sexy cryptocurrency
“If you believe in social justice and saving the environment, you are really something!”
Hahah love Tom.
8 years later and he is still spot on the the issues still stand unaddressed.
Richard Roma
Thomas Sowell was a major influence on me, he woke me up from my dogmatic liberal slumber.
Samantha Theriot
This is one of the most thought provoking discussion on this topic I've heard in a long time, thank you !
S James
How can someone listen to Thomas Sowell and not love him? He's so right on. I'm going to hate when he leaves us.
NK Bobcat
I am a huge fan of Thomas Sowell. I respect him so much.
Barbara Hoyle
Thomas Sowell was raised in Harlem in the 1930's. He was transformed from his adopted Marxist beliefs AFTER he worked in Government in DC. Thomas never bought a book as a kid as he lived near a library. He has written over 25 books and in this interview conducted in 2012 his brilliant remarks about political intellectuals reveals why we need people with EXPERIENCE in business to hold government positions. A few quotes from Sowell: "The road to hell is paved with Ivy League degrees" - Thomas Sowell "The people in the labor department saw my interest in testing theories as a threat. Don't look to government to serve the interest of people. Other people's well being will never be the priority of politics." Thomas Sowell and... "President Obama has an absolute talent for saying things that make no sense but not only sound plausible, but inspiring".
Once again, Thomas Sowell hits the nail on the head. There is nothing like hearing a truth teller tell the truth in spite of what is popular or popularly believed to be the truth.
Peter Robinson is by far the best interviewer I've ever seen.
ARK Invest
"Obama has an absolute talent for saying things that make no sense but not only sound plausible, but inspiring".

I am going to buy this book (and Basic Economics).
"There are no solutions. There are trade-offs." Great line. The economic way of thinking escapes most people, especially politicians.
Carlos Saavedra
"The road to hell is paved with Ivy League degrees" - Thomas Sowell 37:21
Love it!
Big Redd
Sowell is a quotable machine! I enjoy hearing and reading his thoughts
Donald Grappo
Some of Thomas Sowell writings should be part of American public education curriculum. He is giant in intelectual circles. He is a legend in his own time IMO.
Reza Alavi
"Intellectuals have no interest in what creates wealth , they are very concern about distribution of it. they act as if wealth just exists somehow" so true!
Randell Porter
What I understand Dr. Sowell to say is "No one is as smart as what they want others to think they are."
I could listen to Thomas Sowell all day long....he's absolutely refreshing!
It's good to see interviews and discussions on this level of intellect and knowledge. Just two educated men sitting down and digging deep, no moronic laughing audience or "interviewer" constantly trying to hog the attention and crack jokes.
How awesome it must be to have this man as your grandpa. Assuming he has grandkids I genuinely hope they know just how blessed they are.
I find Thomas Sowell enlightening in many of the ideas he puts forth, and thank you for posting these. It's amazing when he discusses that intellectuals ideas are NOT tested, and accepted or rejected on the basis of if they pass the reality test. They are accepted and never tested because they are put forth by intellectuals. Therefore in any particular discipline if you want to be taken seriously you must believe these ideas regardless of there true merit or be ostracized as unintellectual.
MichaelAngelo Shefton
thought this subject would be boring ..but in the hands of of Dr. Sowell it is informative and entertaining.
I'm so glad that 2.7 million people have viewed this interview. Thank you Dr. Sowell and thank you Peter Robinson.
Ambulai Johnson
One of American best social theorists.
Alister Edmond
“Calm would be the end of their job”- brilliant.
deborah babcock
Love listening to Thomas Sowell. I could listen to him all day.
Teresa Burton
Always the voice of reason and truth....I love you Dr. Sowell!
Mark Ceelen
Wow 12 yers ago! YouTube is full of gems like this. Thomas Sowell is becoming my intellectual anchor in these modern times.

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