Thomas Sowell to Levin on America today: 'Real danger'
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I am in complete amazement with how incredibly sharp Thomas Sowell is at 93 years old. I pray for his continued health.
He's a man that puts Facts over feelings, something a lot of people today simply can't do
Hard to fathom the level of disappointment Dr Sowell must feel about current American society, yet I hear hope in his voice. May God bless him and all of America 🙏❤️✌️💪🇺🇸
Sidney Frattini Jr.
Imagine expressing your concerns about the world in the 1960s and seeing what is happening now. This man's work will have to be studied for generations.
Someone needs to record Thomas Sowell speaking for an hour a day so we can access his incredible wisdom. We're going to need it as we rebuild this country.
I can listen to Thomas Sowell for hours. He's one of the greatest minds in America.
Thomas Sowell is 93 years old and still making his voice heard. He understands the peril America is currently in. God bless this man! 🇺🇸
''Ignorance silencing knowledge." Every time this man speaks he raddles off some timeless quote. Amazing.
Blessed to still have Thomas Sowell with us, at a time we need him more than ever.
This man is a National Treasure. The fact that he is not as known and revered as MLK is a travesty.
Thank you, Thomas Sowell, for educating me so much more clearly than my shitty universities
“The further a society drifts from the truth, the more it will hate those who speak it.”
The man is right. My mom was a Democrat but I remember in the 70's and 80's her telling me how smart Thomas Sowell was and that I should listen to him. I didn't have the time, I was into Malcolm X, the Black Panthers and cool stuff like Marxism and Socialism. Then I learned logic, reason and real history. I have since had to re-evaluate and modify most of my views. I should have listened to my mom decades ago.
Thomas Sowell is a living National Treasure. We are blessed with his insights, wisdom and cautionary tales. A joy to hear him speak.
It’s so good to see Thomas Sowell again after him being off the radar for a while. I missed him, and was worried he was in poor health. I’m so happy to see him as sharp as ever, and sharing his wisdom again.
Protect Thomas Sowell at all costs 💙🤙🏾🇺🇸. It’s a shame that this man is not broadcasted to the masses as “social justice” warriors are.
I so admire Thomas Sowell. He walked the high road his entire life and became this great man.
93 years old, he has more mental cognition than every politician combined.
I love the respectful attention you are giving this brilliant and humble man. Sowell is an American treasure.
Dr. Sowell is an extreme example of how awesome this country can be.
Thomas Sowell is a living legend, he is highly observant of everything that has been happening around him and very well informed.
SO glad to stumble upon this interview and see a sharp, 90+ year old Thomas Sowell. He's still putting out books. Incredible.
This man is 93!!!! Look at how sharp he is. We are very lucky to have him still with us and still giving great lessons. The man is a total legend!
If Thomas Sowell is scared, I am terrified.
Mr. Sowell should be required studies for every liberal arts school in America.. 🤷🏼‍♂️
Our FIRST black President should have been Thomas Sowell!
I am a great admirer of Thomas Sowell's knowledge and works! I am very pleased that the younger generations have found Thomas Sowell for themselves, pulling from his knowledge and truth of the past! Thomas is one of the wisest men I know!.
Thomas Sowell = National Treasure
If there is one old person with unparalleled remarkable intelligence, common sense, and always sharp as ever to be President, that person is none other than Thomas Sowell. I have 25 of his books.
So beautiful to see Thomas Sowell coming out to promote his book .
Thanks for having him on
Thomas Sowell is one of the greatest minds in history. Ive read all of his books repeatedly and I cant thank him enough.
God bless Thomas Sowell.

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