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I’m at a point in my life where a new interview with Thomas Sowell is more exciting than seeing a new movie.
Tell Thomas that I’m a black man in England and I’m spreading his insights and skills every week. To us he is the smartest black man of the last 100 years. Thankyou Tom for teaching us about the Left Wingers
If only we had a million more Thomas Sowells. A truly courageous, compassionate, truth teller even when it hurts.
Thomas Sowell is an international treasure, not just a national one.
93 years old, sharp as a tack and incredibly amazing. What a wonderful man...
Dr.Thomas Sowell is an American treasure. One of my heroes.
I never comment on YouTube. But I have watched every Thomas Sowell interview with Peter Robinson, and I think this is his finest. It's thoughtful and personal.

Long live Thomas Sowell.
Keep fighting for truth and against false intellectuals, Dr. Sowell! You are an absolute hero for so many
Jack Macri
More from this conversation? Todays my birthday and I couldn’t ask for anything better
By god's grace, this man is still informing us.
I love the answer to the question " What changed your mind?".... " FACTS...".. just priceless....😅😅😂
As a Nigerian national who has been led to believe his entire life that Africa's (and by extension my own) woes have all been the result of the compound effect of colonial rule, racial discrimination, imperialism, and all other companion ills, reading and listening to Thomas Sowell has been nothing but a breath of fresh air. He's become such a pivotal figure for me not simply because of what I've learned from his impressive body of work, but owing to the fact that he's served as a gateway to an entire tradition of thought grounded in a deepseated respect for facts, sound logic, and a general devotion to the pursuit of truth, one that my prior education had unfortunately all too often tried to prejudice me against.
Sense of Mind
It's amazing how sharp he is at his age... but then again, he's a genius.
TS: I was a marxist.
PR: What changed your mind?
TS: Facts.
That bit ages as well as TS! Thanks for another great interview.
“When you’re the greatest economist in a generation, they have a name for you, they don’t call you a great economist. They call you Thomas Sowell”~ Chael Sonnen
When I hear a great professor speak, I grab a pencil and paper. When I hear Prof. Sowell speak, I want to grab a stone and chisel. Carve it in stone. Let people read and re-read Sowell. His voice is the sound of lucidity and words are the words of logic. Conflict of Visions changed everything for me and he's still going strong. What a thinker. What a man.
“When people get used to preferential treatment, equal treatment seems like discrimination. “ - Thomas Sowell
As a young man from Malaysia, I would like to say thank you to Mr Thomas Sowell. If not for his book, Basic Economics, I would not have the rational mindset and grow as much as I am right now.

Thank you with all my heart. May God bless you, Mr Sowell, you truly are a great man in my eyes.
"There are always wonderful words to describe things that are not wonderful."
—Thomas Sowell
Sowell is simply impressive. He doesn't try to impress with some fancy vocabulary. He just clearly uses common sense, logic and facts that us common people can understand. His high intelligence level is clear for all to see.
I didn't know about the existence of Thomas Sowell until I found him on YouTube a few years ago. I learned more from him on YouTube than I did my 4 years in college. I even bought one of his books. Plan on buying more. He's one of the G.O.A.T.'s.
I've been watching the reaction videos of young people.

Dr. Sowell is very well loved.
Please God, let Thomas Sowell live forever
Thomas Sowell is a satisfying breath of fresh air in the sweltering sewer of modern academia.

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