Facts and Fallacies with Thomas Sowell
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This man's name had never once been mentioned to me in school or by anybody later in any capacity. I literally had to stumble over his name through my own newborn interests in research AFTER I began to question those in power in our nation. Same goes for Milton Friedman.
I live in England. I spent four years at school studying economics and never once heard this man's name. Now I've discovered him I looked for his books Basic Economics in 4 libraries and couldn't see it. I'm starting to think there's a reason my country is in such a shit way.
I love this interviewer as much as I love Sowell. This interviewer is magnificent and does exactly what an interviewer should.
I so wish that Thomas Sowell was as revered as all the singer's and sports figures are.
An intellectual titan. Sowell is the man.
Mr Shah
Dr. Thomas Sowell destroys imaginary worlds with the bombs of words and numbers. Amazing.
"Never underestimate the difficulty of changing false beliefs by facts."
Undeniably true. America at this time is a land in which ideology trumps evidence. And this puts the nation and we who live here in grave peril.
If only his book "Basic Economics" could be taught in every high school in the world. The economic ignorance of most voters is a devastating problem.
"When I hear the word 'household income' I know we're not serious. :D"

I love this guy.
James Eck
This guy has had all of this figured out for 30 years, how have we not picked up on it yet? What a brilliant and quick-minded man!
Every time I listen to Thomas Sowell I believe there is hope, due to his sharp focus on problems. THEN I remember he is but one strong oak in a forest of dead trees.
It's interesting his last comment was about the fact that he was 81 in the year 2011 when this video was made. It's now 2021, ten years later and Thomas Sowell is still alive and will turn 91 this year. It's also interesting to note that he is still making videos of various social issues at 91 years of age. His mind remains clear and sharp to this day.
A person like this is more rare then common sense. Sowell really is a national treasure.
Drain Monkeys
Thomas Sowell should have been either President.. or at least an advisor to one... he should be in the news all the time.. on stage speaking....
"[students] are being taught that they have to have views, but they're not being taught that it's important to know what you're talking about." Thomas, you are an oracle of wisdom.
27:38 Bam. That right there. As a young man in 2020 (just turned 20 yesterday), this is the feeling that has bothered me for my whole childhood, finally summed up into words.
I got sent here by my Critical Thinking class expecting some boring 30-minute diatribe, but instead I got the revelation of a lifetime. Great stuff.
I t would be so amazing if we could leave color out of everything and just be Americans. Tom Sowell I do believe is one of the smartest men I’ve ever heard. Thank you Tom for the much needed information we all need to listen to ✌️
Ricardo Sigala
He is such a gem; a true American intellectual. I dread the day when he leaves us. Our country will lose a great mind as it did when Milton Friedman passed on. But thank you for all your wisdom and knowledge, Mr. Sowell.
One of the most lonely individuals found in America today is an intelligent conservative. Listen with an open mind to Dr. Thomas Sowell & you'll know why.
Dude I feel like an uneducated moron when I listen to this genius speak. His ability to read studies and elaborate on them and organize them to press forward an argument are incredible.
Midnight Philosopher
Thomas Sowell CAN NOT be stopped! This man does his research and speaks the truth.
Dr.Sowell is so intelligent and so well-spoken. 😃I could listen to him all day and still want to hear more.
Thomas Sowell, a national treasure. I've learned so much real history from him. My two favorite subjects in school, besides art, was history and economics, so I get so much of what he's saying. ❤❤❤❤
I am a white privileged male and I am culturally appropriating Thomas Sowell as one of my heroes. This guy is awesome.
Thomas Sowell is brilliant💯We need his voice more than ever at this current time.
The segment starting at 15:12 is particularly valuable given the recent nationwide riots over George Floyd.
damn it's 2020, and the part about riots is so true
The only bad thing about Dr Sowell is that when I listen to him it makes me feel so ignorant.
He should’ve been the first black president
Sowell is like a breath of fresh air.
Right he definitely should have been president he would have been great

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