Thomas Sowell on Intellectuals and Society
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He's so wise that he doesn't spend any time trying to convince you, he just lays the facts on the table.
Thomas Sowell is an American treasure.
thomas sowell is honestly one of the best americans of our generation
"It is far easier to concentrate power than it is to concentrate knowledge."

Wow. That's a good quote.
This is an absolute joy to watch in 2020. Oh how the world needs more Thomas Sowells.
This is an amazing interview. The host never interrupts, belittles, or yells at his guest even when he disagrees indeed it is hard to even tell when he disagrees. What a wonderful way to conduct an interview I wish news media outlets would take note.
There’s nothing older than the idea that “this is new” -Thomas Sowell
When I listen to Dr. Sowell, I'm reminded that America's divide is NOT racial, as much as it is cultural.
Can we take a moment to compliment the interviewer? Not only is he well spoken and well read of Sowell's work, but he asks terrific questions with quotations from Sowell's body of work. And he allows Sowell the necessary amount of time to elaborate his answer.
"When you spend a decade writing a 900 page book, something is bugging you!" Absolutely brilliant... as well as very funny, too. :)
"You can become President with no contact with economic reality." Awesome.
"Gun control is like OSHA for burglars.." Well said Mr. Sowell!
Sowell:   Depth of knowledge expressed with minimum words. 
Also, expert yet unfailingly polite debater.
Well done Professor .
Dreadarmy Gaming
Watching this again almost 10 years after it was posted.... and it seems like it could have been posted yesterday. So topical and on point for today's political climate.
Dr. Sowell is my hero.
Dr Sowell inspires me but the fact that he is aging and we can’t keep him with us also saddens me.
Sowell is a true scholar, but one who forms opinions on facts, evidence, and in his case a bit of personal experience. This is what I always pictured a college professor to be!
K Manwarren
Thomas Sowell reminds me that I am not an idiot when it comes to my life...the intellectuals outside of their field are.
"You can become President with no contact with economic reality." - Oh so true! still to this day
Roy Batty
"Many of the great disasters of our time have been commited by "experts." Someone send this quote to Tony Science.
Jack Karakelian
Sowell is a national treasure. His books should be included in every high school and college curriculums as required reading. Our country would be MUCH better off.
"He is happy with the data that he got, why would he go further?"

That statement sums up so much that is going wrong in this country. Please go further, please seek information from all sides, be a thinker. It's a gift we all innately share but to few choose to utilize. 🇺🇲
Pam M
Intellect and book smart cannot always be compared to wisdom
We do NOT all have the same potential. I would say we all deserve the right to develop the potential we do have. I have studied chess and every Bobby Fischer game. What I really learned is that I don't have the potential to be a chess grand master like Fischer. I understand concepts but can't visualize consequences of moves like him. I can never play basketball like Michael Jordan. I can never sing like Caruso. I can't play jazz like Charlie Parker. I can't understand most of what Einstein talked about. I have attempted all the above. Thankfully I discovered my potential in graphic communication and web programming.
"Many of the great disasters of our time have been committed by 'experts'..." - understatement of the fucking century!
Somebody give the guy interviewing Sowell some credit!!!
I just feel like he's the smartest person I've ever listened to.
Mr Sowell is a Phenomenon of Wisdom...
Sadly, so many black Americans have no idea who this man is.
"There's nothing older than the idea that this is new." Fantastic quote.
Anyone else watching this in 2023? Spooky stuff.
"You can become president of the United States with no contact with economic reality." Truer words have never been spoken.
Give power to the "experts". This couldn't be more relevant than during COVID-19.
The fact that Sowell is barely on TV tells you all you need to know about the agenda of tv networks. Muddy the waters.
Watching this in 2021.... after being red pilled about a year ago.
This should be in all Primary Schools in the Western World

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