Thomas Sowell and a Conflict of Visions
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joseph avant
I could listen to Thomas Sowell all day! - definitely in the top 5 living people I would love to meet and thank for their scholarship
Jacob Kobe
I'm trying my hardest to teach this to my high school economic students. They were brought up unconstrained.
Just a lowly Truck
Thomas Sowell and Roger Scruton have brought me kicking and screaming over the last couple of years from the left to sanity. And boy, am I glad they did!
This was the video that made me a conservative. After I watched this I bought his book. I started to read philosophy very differently after this book. Amazing work!
Kamilla K
THANK YOU to Peter Robinson for these interviews.
Such a great interviewer!
Brilliant, brilliant man...I'm listening to this in Aug. 2020..I'm gobsmacked!!! Excellent observation that Obama has an elitist attitude that he knows best. Thomas Sowell, thank you ...
Jason Stewart
Still one of my favorite Thomas Sowell interviews. I've watched it countless times. A big thanks to Peter Robinson for taking the time to give it to us.
If Sowell had been President instead of Obama, America would be much better off.
Hopefully this man will go down in history. I can't believe I have only found out about this man in the last couple of years.
William Webster
Dr. Sowell is good for the Soul.
“My job is not to cut [McCain] any slack. My job is to inform the people who read what I have to say.” Love that.
Stefan Adamcik
Dr. Sowell's stuff is brilliant. I love the videos. Now I just have to stop being so lazy and actually get into his books. First thing to do: throw my TV out the friggin' window.
Alphabet Cat
Anyone else wish they had Thomas Sowell as their high school teacher?
P o o m
Thomas is so quick. He's just an amazing guy that should be promoted for black history month
party so more black youth can benefit from the fact that he's one of the greatest minds of the century
Brian Surfer
Every line that comes out of sowell’s mouth is quotable. Lol
Lesego Mabe
"I think before so many people went to colleges and universities, common sense was probably much more widespread." - 31:18
Jason Brooks
The more Sowell I read the more I am impressed by his writing. I never imagined I could be riveted reading about economics but he does it for me!
Ej Trosclair
My gosh, Mr Sowell is absolutely brilliant!
Sowell gets it. One of the few people who is truly awake.
Kim J
So much love for this man! “If you have always believed that everyone should play by the same rules and be judged by the same standards, that would have gotten you labeled a radical 60 years ago, a liberal 30 years ago and a racist today.” - Thomas Sowell.
Brian Rajala
"Liberals are often wrong, but never in doubt" ... truer words have not been spoken!
Gordon Stewart
In my view, the Supreme Court of the United States should always be of a conservative makeup that embraces the constrained vision of society if for no other reason than it provides a limiting principle against those who would attempt to remake our society and nation based upon the unconstrained vision.

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