Thomas Sowell discusses his newest book, Intellectuals and Race
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"Stay away from the race hustlers" and "equip yourself with skills that people are willing to pay for" easily some of the most important advice you can give to people in this day and age.
I went to private schools that had affirmative actions to create “diversity”. And trust me, what Dr. Sowell said is true. Instead of integrating the students, the affirmative action segregated and divided the students. Students sit with their own groups voluntarily during lunch and seldom engaged or communicated with those outside their own circles. The “diversity” was only superficial and the schools only cared about whether the percentage of each ethic group were balanced (or politically correct) instead of whether the policy really helped and benefited minorities.
I wish the words and wisdom of Dr. Sowell were given credence during times like these.
Thomas Sowell, should be taught in every single high school and college campus.
Thomas Sowell- one of the few professional intellectuals who believes people are not helpless children and have the potential to due better.
I never heard of Thomas Sowell, but I'm glad I did. I'm not an intellectual in the university sense, I'm just a simple guy but I can follow Thomas Sowell easily. I plan on adding his books to my Kindle library and begin studying his thoughts.
Uncommon knowledge is a great show, Peter doesn't get enough credit.
I think Thomas Sowell is brilliant. In case you're keeping score. Thomas Sowell has been invited to the Obama white house, 0 times. Al Sharpton...87 times. This was a great book.
I always feel more optimistic about the human race after listening to him
“Stay away from race hustlers and equip yourself with skills people are willing to pay for”
No matter where from nor what race this is true for all
Equip yourself with skills the market is willing to pay for. this is something I'll repeat to myself daily
- T. Sowell

His examples Hit the nail on the head. Like always.
This man is a genius. Hes also very calm and uses reason instead of emotion for his arguments. He never insults or yells.
john doe
I love how genuinely honest and he is being and how strongly he truly believes in what he is saying. Not trying to prove a political point or drive an agenda. Only trying to be logical and present true facts.
Peter Robinson is a great interviewer and Dr Thomas Sowell is legend, I hope my country and America listen to him on race/economies/everything. Thanks for the upload :)
"Hopelessness is one of the big products of the race industry". What an insight!
jason helm
Thomas Sowell speaking some real truth, fantastic.
What an eye opening interview. I just ordered 3 of this guy's book. I'm sure there is a wealth of knowledge in all of them.
I can't believe i'm just learning about this man. Thomas Sowell is a genius
Almost 83 and still writing cogently and furiously. Prof. Sowell, wish you many more years to come. Amazing figure of our time.
I love watching his interviews. . he makes no excuses and speaks the truth.
Bäckerei und Konditorei Omi Gretchen
Sowell is one of the few of intellectual not being enslaved or just permanently shut down by liberals as it happened in literally any country of the world. His books (each and every one) are literally eye opening. His writing style is concise and follows the old school of exemplified argumentation. This man's brillant.
I cant get enough of this guys videos. Smartest man around and has been since the 60's and is shrugged off by the liberal mindset.
The man conducting this interview is the best I have ever seen

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