An Economist Looks at 90: Tom Sowell on Charter Schools and Their Enemies
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Dave | AI
Thomas Sowell is the kind of man I aspire to be. He shattered my preconceived notions about race and culture many years ago, and I will be forever grateful for it. The truth matters.
Thomas Sowell is one of the greatest minds of the last 100 years and 9 out of 10 African Americans have never heard of him. It's sad.
Chunk Wobbler
Dr. Thomas Sowell is a living, breathing National Treasure. The people that ignore him are the ones who need his wisdom the most.
Cooper T
Let us not fail to recognize that Peter's interviewing capabilities are at the top of the game and should be a standard. The research he has done is hardly matched by even the best.
"Rules without consequences are just suggestions" So true, and SO relevant in today's goings-on...
I have learned more about economics in a few hours on youtube watching Thomas Sowell than in 4 years of college. God bless you Doctor Sowell may you live forever!
This man should have been the first black president.
When Thomas Sowell passes, America will have lost one of its' very best. Hopefully he shares more wisdom and inspires others for as long as possible.
Tray John
Tom Sowell is so smart and should be listened to by all Americans , he is a wealth of knowledge . Happy Birthday , wishing you many, many more!
Jack Diao
All the best to a man who will accept nothing less than clear, empirical evidence. Thank you for your integrity and your wisdom, Dr. Sowell!
Amrit Janardhanan
He’s 13 years older that Biden and 13 times more articulate 🙄
Olivier Mgbra
Ok, can someone explain to me: How do you live to be 90 and still be intellectually active? to be writing at this age, what a quality of life! and a quantity of life too; more of this man is needed at least for my country, Cote d'Ivoire;
antonio guarco
Happy 90th Tom. I’m a 25 yr old applied math major who 3 years ago dropped out of an engineering program at a top school.
I engaged in debauched behavior and did not appreciate what was being offered to me.
Tom Sowell became my intellectual savior while listening to random YouTube videos while playing fifa.
I will thank you for the rest of my life and will do my best to expose as many people as I can to your ideas and more importantly to live them.
Merc Harris
The way he says, “my gosh” and “heavens, no” will always stick with me. So lucky to be alive at same time of this great mind. Love looking forward to his next appearance
Clair Cook
He can’t be 90!!! I pray 120 solid great years for you Mr. Sowell
Political Foolishness
Thomas Sowell - one of the greatest men who ever lived in recent times. I so much admire his courage and wisdom.
Mark Balderas
I recently gave my son my copy of Dr. Sowell’s “Basic Economics”. I told him that if every High School student was required to read this, we would have less Socialist graduating from college. Love this man...
I could listen to this savant for hours and live every minute of it. He’s a “Why Guy” He goes beyond the surface and gets to the facts of the matter
Brandon Chamberland
Yesterday I was googling charter schools and was thinking, “Gosh, if only it was easy to find someone doing some good research on this who isn’t from a teachers union.” And today I’m blessed with this video!
злой капиталист
Thomas Sowell is a hero for me. His incredible writings saved me from the far left and a shit load of insane ideas related to race and disparity of outcome.

Also love the dynamic you and Thomas have. Very much like old friends.
Dr Sowell is undoubtedly an American hero
Characa Rosandi
This man is not just a blessing to Americans, but all around the world. Greetings from Indonesia. Happy 90th birthday, Mr. Sowell. May more people know about you and God bless.
Ancient Exercise
I'm constantly trying to introduce people to Thomas Sowell. He should be a household name.
Will James
"I have to laugh because otherwise I would cry... they (the arguments against charter schools) are so bad."

Gotta love Tom Sowell - legend!
Chris Mackay
Happy 90th, Thomas Sowell is a blessing to this country.
A bastion of sensibility in a world that has completely lost it’s mind.
I’ve only recently discovered Thomas Sowell, and I am devouring his content. He’s such an amazing man and I wish everyone could hear what this great man has to say. He’s been tearing down the leftist lies for years and years, and I hope more people hear his message.
Thomas is an absolute warrior. His will to fight moved me to tears at the end. I feel inspired to try harder and do better. Happy birthday Tom and I pray that you will have many, many more!!!! ❤️
Darlene Foster
"Rules without consequences are just suggestions" Pure GOLD..
AJ Constantine
Thomas Sowell saved my son & my family by his paper on Einstein Syndrome in kids, combined with and cited extensively by Dr. Darold Treffert (RIP). This led to a unique diagnosis no average “experts” could make. He will always have a sacred place in our family. God bless Dr. Sowell. 🙏👍
Joseph Peck Music
I’ve taught at both Public and Charter schools. I agree more with what Dr. Sowell is saying rather than not. I have been a part of some amazing public schools, but over all, when it comes to public schools where the students are running the show and the teachers are too afraid to be in charge, they are by far less successful than a well run charter school.
This is a man that looked Jim Crow laws in the face and laughed.
Mark Davis
Sowell should be introduced as the world's leading expert on Marx and his books should be required reading in schools. His documentation about how much better blacks did during the 100 years after the civil war versus the past 60 years should be repeated by everyone.
It's simple: I see the Thomas Sowell interview, I click it, and watch it.
Sheldon O'Brien
Me, a liberal: Buys his first Tom Sowell book

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