Charter Schools and Their Enemies
by Thomas Sowell

Charter Schools and Their Enemies compares the educational outcomes of school children educated at charter schools with those at conventional public schools. Sowell argues that charter schools on the whole do significantly better in terms of educational outcomes than conventional schools. Sowell believes the school system in the United States in need of reform and makes the case for why the charter school movement is a force for good and how it will help to bring about that reform.

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Selected Quotes

Thomas Sowell
It is a painful irony that people who are promoting the make-believe equality of “inclusion” and “diversity” in schools are attacking charter schools that are producing the real equality of educational achievement. view tweet
Thomas Sowell
How many members of the general public know that there are a million students on charter school waiting lists, while local district officials prevent charter schools from acquiring vacant school buildings in which to educate them? view tweet
Thomas Sowell
Propagandists in the classroom are a luxury that the poor can afford least of all. While a mastery of mathematics and English can be a ticket out of poverty, a highly cultivated sense of grievance and resentment is not. view tweet

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