The Great Thomas Sowell | 5 Minute Video
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Thomas Sowell should have been our first black president.
Thomas Sowell is a true American hero and a profound inspiration.
I love Thomas Sowell. He really is a National Treasure.
Appreciate a great mind while he's still here
Sowell not only has a vast knowledge but an abundance of wisdom. Wisdom we severely lack in the modern age.
He should be read and studied in high school and college. It's sad that he's not.
we need a million more like him.
Thomas Sowell helped me realize is that there always tradeoffs when it comes to life and decision making. Thanks Mr. Sowell for that you do.
Imagine a country where a man like this could be talked into public office. I think Sowell would be perfect Vice President or Cabinet member for a Conservative Pres.
I love him. He's such a smart man.
I'm surprised it took this long, Dennis and PragerU need to interview him. The Godfather of conservatives and libertarians.
He is 91 years old & still running circles around the circle back crowd. The world will be a lesser place when he is no longer with us. God Bless Him.
He's a real national treasure.
Elder for governor!
The people who REALLY need to see this sadly won't. He should be a no-brainer for the Presidential Medal of Freedom.
I can't believe I hadn't heard of Mr Sowell until about 5-6 years ago. His work is incredible.
He gets no press from MSM. One of the last great true thinkers in America. God bless him!
He's a bright light in a world that feels like it's going dark.
“I have never understood why it is greed to want to keep the money you have earned, but not greed to want to take someone else’s money”
Imagine this: Dr.Thomas Sowell and Dr. Jordan Peterson sitting down together and discussing whatever comes to their mind. 🤯
Larry Elder for California Governor! Spread the word everywhere, especially cali residents!
Pick up any of his books—-that’s what this country needs!!
My immediate plan is to devour as many books of his as I possibly can. An extraordinary mind.
We need more strong minded men and women like Thomas Sowell and Candace Owens 💞
I think it's sad that there are Americans that have never heard of him.

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