Paul Gigot Interviews Thomas Sowell on 'Social Justice Fallacies' | Potomac Watch Podcast
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Caleb Chou
No age limit for Tom Sowell! Amazing how much more lucid and engaging he is at 93 than most of our politicians have ever been at any point in their lives.
John Edwards
It's great to hear from Dr. Sowell again at 93 who intellectually is as sharp as a tack. His many books over the years; should be required reading in all Universities, before a student could graduate. He has this uncanny ability to teach people how to think critically on just about any topic he chooses to write about. Thank you Dr. Sowell for your latest book and the wisdom you share with all who are open minded enough to hear you out.
"It is hard to imagine a more stupid or more dangerous way of making decisions than by putting those decisions in the hands of people who pay no price for being wrong."

- Thomas Sowell
Larry Flor
Thomas Sowell at 93 and still spittin' the truth. What a unique treasure he and his research are. Should be mandatory reading from high school through college.
Mustafa MAr
Thomas Sowell is smart, intelligent and wise. The smartest man in the room even in his 90's. God bless him.
Liberty-Focused Evaluation
I look forward to his new book. His book “Wealth, Poverty, and Politics” blew my mind
Imagine what the world would look like if Thomas Sowell was required reading in every school
Cookie Feet
Thomas Sowell is a national treasure.
BeauPierre Bondurant
Dr.Thomas Sowell is an American treasure.
TinaMarie Johnson
Thank you for this! Now we see why he’s been so quiet these last couple of years. The man has been observing, writing yet another great book, for us and generations to come. I’m a homeschool mom of two beautiful kiddos (girl 10 & boy 12) and they have been introduced to Dr. Sowell since 2016. His books will no doubt be a great asset to our journey. My deepest desire for this man of great wisdom, intellect, and insight, is that if he haven’t, that he someday accepts Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.❤️🙏🏾
Sean Wright
Thomas Sowell has been an intellectual tour de force during his time in the arena, helping to change the narrative and lives of people all over. God Bless
Pre ordered the book 6 mo ago. Shops next week! Great interview. Tom is a precious jewel…
Hilary Raftery
He's too valuable to lose in these ridiculous times..hope he lives many more years

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