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Ranger One
Thomas Sowell is a national treasure.
I never thought I’d ever see another uncommon knowledge featuring Dr Thomas Sowell again in my life. This man never ceases to surprise!
“A high IQ and low information is a very dangerous combination.” Wonderful, Dr. Sowell!
Matthew Prescott
Thomas Sowell is one of the intellectual giants of our age. Any opportunity to hear him speak is a real blessing, and of course any Peter Robinson interview is always a real treat. Thank God for Thomas Sowell and the good work of Peter Robinson and the Hoover Institution.
I wish there were a way to just keep this man alive, healthy and productive for the next 100 years. The world needs Sowell more than ever I think.
The whitest of white pills is that Dr. Sowell is still with us, and hardly diminished by his age. What a treat to hear him.
93 and he just published a book! One can only dream to get to old age with a mind so sharp and wise like Dr. Sowell
Why is this man not known by everyone?? A true national treasure
Elvis C. Umez
"In politics, the goal is not truth, but votes" —Thomas Sowell
Was missing Mr.Sowell. Overjoyed to see him back.
Sense of Awareness
Dearest Thomas Sowell - may you live even longer and prosper! Thank you for the gift you have given the human race, for your wisdom, humour, kindness, humanity, and humility. ❤
JannyJ T
The best quote ever, "A high IQ and low information is the most dangerous combination ever." Right on Sowell!
These discussions with Thomas Sowell should become mandatory parts of the curriculum, in all schools, across every English speaking western nation. You'll never convince me otherwise.

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