Thomas Sowell: Black Rednecks and White Liberals, Hoover Institution [Enhanced] [Complete]
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Hard to believe Sowell is now 86 years old. Sad that I have only discovered him in the past few years. Why do people like this get relegated to relative obscurity when phony intellectuals get elevated to prominence?
You learn more from Thomas Sowell by accident than anywhere else by design.
he turned 90 just recently and it makes me mad to have discovered this gracious man that late in my life.

Same thing happened to me with Hitchens.

Thanks for the upload
It breaks my heart that I didn't know about Mr. Sowell until the last few years.... He is a National Treasure. It is compounded by the knowledge of his age and realizing this treasure will only be around for so many more years....
Sowell's one of these rare people who is so brutally intellectually honest/brave that it makes many people he comes in contact with reevaluate themselves as a person. We need more people to hold a mirror of reality up to them as we drift further and further away from it.
We need more people like Sowell.
Had no idea before now that Dr. Sowell was an orphan. And yet he did so well for himself regardless. That's amazing.
I could listen to this man 24x7. He speaks/talks about facts... not emotions.
I have tons of Dr. Thomas Sowell's Books, and I thank him.
Thomas Sowell is one of the great American minds.
Had no idea Sowell almost got into politics. He could of done a lot of good, but I don't blame him for backing out.
This guy is not changing how i see things... He is changing how I think about things!
Can’t get enough of Dr. Sowell. A national treasure.
Great guy, he should be required reading for any black studies class.
Being in his upper 80s, I hope this man can pump out as much material as possible. He is needed now more than ever. It's a shame he doesn't get the recognition he deserves - and he deserves presidential-like recognition.
I love this man. He is so honest and authentic; he really tells it like it is.
Sowell seems to be a great man. One of the most interesting intellectuals I have ever come across in video form. I think it's sad that I haven't heard about him until recently. I've taken multiple classes in political science and never once was he mentioned. This guy should be taught in universities across the country. Truly he is one of the most intelligent and influential intellectuals of the last forty years. I believe history will see him as such.
Khurram Malik
Authentic and to the point! He does not waste words like a great tailor does not waste cloth.
Thomas Sowell 90 last year and published another book. Truly one of the great contemporary American philosophers.
Imagine. How America would be today after 8 years of President Sowell ? ...

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