Thomas Sowell: A Conversation With One of America's Leading Conservatives
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This might make me seem like an "Uncle Tom" character, but for Mexicans, however I agree with him on immigration. My father was the first one to arrive in the United States legally, he came here to find work and that's what he did, work. Meanwhile my mother was taking care of my other sibling and I back in Mexico. Eventually he saved up enough money to bring us all here. I'm about to turn 18 and am hoping to become a naturalized citizen. We didn't have to break any laws to be here, and that's how all modern immigrants should do it as well.
I always look forward to listening to Mr. Sowell
"There has always been a path to citizenship. You just don't break into a country and expect to take that path..."
Superb conversation on a wide range of subjects. God Bless Thomas Sowell!
terry v
Mr. Sowell is a welcome breath of fresh logical air in a polluted country.
Mucky Pup
Sowell, an intellectual role-model.
Frank Sells
I love learning from mr. Sowell.
Mark Sauck
I really wish more people in this country new of this man. The media in America will always keep people like this out of their own lime light. How many times has Thomas Sowell been on Charlie Rose?
Min 1066
It takes a strong person to admit they may not have got some things right in the past, to me, that makes them all the more believable and worth listening to, which Thomas Sowell certainly is.
Dominic Muller
"You can't deter suicidal people. You either stop them or you don't stop them."
It must be really frustrating to be Thomas Sowell. To see the world so clear and to be surrounded by people who are just idiots ... with Phds and college degrees. Good grief.
This the gentleman who not only deserved to be the first Black President - he Still deserves to be President.
And along with him, Walter Williams deserves a Prominent position in his Cabinet.
Samuel Matz
Few take Thomas Sowell seriously. We suffer for not learning what is being taught.
Rafeeq Warfield
A mind that will stand the test of time

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