Thomas Sowell deserves a Nobel Prize | Glenn Loury and Lex Fridman
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You should try getting Thomas sowell on the podcast. If it’s only 20 minutes it’ll still be treasure. But if you can please try getting him ,as he still around.
Yes, Dr. Sowell should be given a Nobel for the lifetime contributions to economics, history, sociology, and everything in between. Listening and reading him is like therapy for our crazy times. And he's been consistent for decades. So unfortunate many don't know of him, but he should be household name. It's almost as if he's been intentionally avoided or censored even...maybe he makes too much sense.
Thomas Sowell is one of the most important academics, economists, and authors of our time.
Thomas Sowell is one of the greatest economist conservative mind ever in our nation history. He should be on your podcast Lex, he is a national treasure.
I love watching Thomas Sowell videos. His thoughts are so crystal-clear and his explanations are what you expect of the great minds of the Chicago School. I agree with Glenn's points, however, Sowell's impact is primarily as an educator, and while I would agree that an educator's impact is as important as a theorist and researcher, (and Glenn and anyone in academia knows this) academia puts much more emphasis on the latter. Unfortunately I don't see Sowell getting a Nobel. Plus, since academe is so full of the left-leaning that also decreases the chances. A nobel is not the sole (Sowell) measurement of a great intellectual mind. I'm willing to bet he is the most watched economist on Youtube, and therefore future Nobel laureates will stand on his shoulders. Sowell is getting pretty old and it is my wish that more people give him the recognition he deserves.
Lex please get Sowell on your podcast. He is quite advanced in age and we need every last bit of his wisdom on issues as they are today. I hope he can make himself available even for a short while. Sowell is a beacon.
Thomas Sowell makes me feel uncomfortable in the best way possible. Learned more from him than years at school. Grateful for his research and teachings.
Thomas Sowell is one of the greatest minds society has ever produced
Thomas Sowell doesn't just run circles around the various disciplines, he runs in and out and all around them (economics, history, empiricism, etc). This is why so many hyper-specialized academics don't understand him and often resort to belittling. It doesn't make sense to them how he can paint such wholistic yet simple cause and effect portraits of political/economic/social history throughout the ages. But then again, the ultimate pitfall of an academic is quite similar to that thing Che get so lost one's own minutia that you become exactly what you once hated—and for many academics, that is, "a person who is obstinately or unreasonably attached to a belief, opinion, or faction, especially one who is prejudiced against or antagonistic toward a person", or in other words, a "bigot."
I think a significant reason for Sowell's success as an author and public intellectual is the simultaneously economical and eloquent way he has with words.
Thomas Sowell is an American treasure, and is the most underappreciated American in history.
We need the ideas of Thomas Sowell now more than ever. Fearless and brutally honest
Westley Williams
"Thomas Sowell deserves a Nobel Prize."
You've got that right!
Adam Russell
Great take on Mr. Sowell. Sowell is implicitly worth anyone's time to take a deep dive into. I love that he isn't so analytical and uses data and history to show how economics and policy impacted people and groups and communities, and offers some personal insights as well. But what makes him important for society and anyone who is a substance and solutions over symbolism and scapegoating is that he digs down to the roots of societal inequality and ineffectual politics. That's what makes him so dangerous and distasteful to bumpersticker politicos and blamethrowers. Thomas Sowell is a great man.
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Get him on the show!
Thomas Sowell should be celebrated in so many ways and honored for all he has contributed to society.
Really great breakdown. You NEED to have Sowell on the podcast he is incredible.
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Excellent conversation, Lex. Many thanks! Peace.
Would love to see Thomas Sowell on ur podcast lex
'A Conflict of Visions' by Sowell is a masterpiece

Always promoting establishment when we need change

A great intellectual but essentially a less racist republican.

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