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Jane Weaver
I've watched almost every Peter Robinson, Thomas Sowell interviews, some twice or more, both men, really brilliant, great interview!!! Thank you Thomas Sowell!!!
John Taylor
My brain explodes every time I hear Dr. Sowell speak. Heโ€™s helped me have a much greater understanding of life.
Jeremy C
Tom Sowell is astounding
Jeremy C
Mr Robinson is a tremendous interviewer
Gerald Polmateer
My first job was working in the fields for less than minimum wage. Like Sowell it motivated me in a huge way to have some skills that kept me away from that level of income. Sometimes the best educator is knowing what it feels like and not left at the intellectual level. The truth of an ideology is not found in the ideology but what its results are.
David Thomas
Dr.Sowell is a personal hero of mine. Great man, brilliant mind.
Trish Clarke
What an amazing and practical man the world is a better place for.having him in it๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ‘
Laurence Flynn
โ€œFour-letter words like love, duty, work, and save are hallmarks of people with a very different vision, who make their own way through life without being part of some grandiose scheme of the anointed or of government bureaucracies that administer such schemes. No wonder those words are not nearly as popular as other four-letter words.โ€ โ€“ Thomas Sowell
Love this guy, truly a national treasure.
I'm very pleased this man has written so much and continues to do so at 81. I want every drop of this man's knowledge in writing before he passes out of the world. What a sad day that will be, but his wisdom, at least, will still be there for the benefit of generations to come.
Jan Vincent
Thomas Sowell is a fucking legend. Truly should have been our first president.
Feliks Gailitis
Thomas Sowell is a brilliant man!
Srijan Agrawal
I usually play interviews at 1.5x speed to save time. Not when I'm watching Dr Sowell though, just so I can watch him for longer. Absolute legend.
A King
Excellent interview! Truly the definition of a good man!
Kathy Mayes
This interviewer is brilliant.
Daniel Jakubik
Excellent highly skilled interviewer with Thomas Sowell.
Russell Snook
I love " uncommon knowledge " . A welcome break from the daily rhetoric of the news. I always feel bless to listen to the guest on this show;)
Dr Sowell's argument cuts the mustard. I went from homeless to homeowner in 8 years following this advice. Thank you Dr Sowell for confirming what I've grown to believe. I owe an enormous debt of gratitude to him and those like him. God bless Thomas Sowell ๐Ÿ™
Alexandra Venera
This man is a gift to society.
regenerated wordsmythe
Could listen to this all day. Thank you Mr. Sowell for the knowledge you share freely with others through these videos. Thanks for being a role model. 8 years later , still relevant. Anthony Brian Logan wears your mantle, to a degree. Thanks to Peter also.

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