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Sean L.
Regardless of your political affiliation, how is it possible to dislike Thomas Sowell?
Alex S
"Wealth is created when the conditions are such that the people who know how to create it are free to do so"
zac dybeck
"A surplus is when the government has so much money, congress can't spend it all."
Way too accurate😂
Smokey McBongWater
"There are no new ideas. Just proposals by Milton Friedman that haven't been enacted yet." Well said.
Truth vs. falsehood
Thomas Sowell is an America treasure. Thank you, sir.
Angelo Ray Gomez
This guy would dismantle Bernie Sanders
This is timeless intellectual advice! I am watching this on June 1, 2020, while the country is reopening from the COVID-19 shutdowns and being re-shutdown by the George Floyd riots! Thank you, Dr. Sowell!
Wes Kentner
The fact that schools don't teach this stuff just shows their agenda
forty chimp
Thomas Sowell for President. He's far too great a man to accept such a bid, and that's so much a reason why he should be it. He's the best thinker in contemporary America. Full stop 
yard rail
This man Thomas Sowell is such a blessing. Every evening I get out my knitting and listen to all his interviews. So uplifting to my spirits just to hear his amazing logic and his turn of phrase and humour. Thank you for sharing these videos with us.
Sean Perrier
The greatest book I have ever read.  Sowell speaks so simply on some of the most perceived complicated issues in the world.  Every human being should have at least some understanding of economics, I recommend this book to everyone I talk to about economics.
Jeffrey Torres
I bought this man's book called "Basic Economics," and it blew me away. I highly recommend reading it or buying the audio book.
Dan Castro
This man is a genius! We are so blessed to have the opportunity to listen to him.
The sheer amount of historical knowledge this man not only has but can recite is simply astounding.
Michael Pisciarino
1:55 Wealth is created when people are free to create it. Laissez-Faire
2:30 What went wrong?
7:16 Quantitative Easing
8:07 Monetizing the debt. Inflation Tax
9:15 What is Bernanke thinking?

10:50 Tax Rates matter to growth
11:39 Increase in Tax Revenue
12:12 Explain Clinton Tax Revenue
14:27 US Medical Care
15:35 Milton Friedman says it’s untenable
16:49 Private Room vs Ward

17:23 Politicians face incentives.
18:35 Chris Christie

18:50 Trade and China
20:30 Smoot-Hawley Tariff was a disaster
22:17 Boris Yeltzin
23:57 China

24:28 The Dollar 💵 . The Euro 💶

25:36 Do you share Ron Paul’s skepticism of The Fed?
28:09 2 brief downturns. Economy takes off.

29:23 Bank Bailouts? Keynesian Economics?
Keynes tools are better than his prescription

31:58 Average citizen needs to know Economics
Foster Crain
Thomas Sowell is a treasure.
Philip Webb
Sowell talks more (un)common sense about economics than anyone I have ever heard. I'm going to have to read his book.
What a true gem Mr. Sowell is.
Badger Fishinski
The government absolutely messed things up regarding the housing market. ....Sowell is 100% correct.
happy gilmore
This guy is amazing...because he sadly is an exception...and also because its so amazing to see such a scholar..ive read his stuff and ive learned alot
Kevin G
In college all I learned about was Keynesian theories. I really wish we would have spent more time on Austrian theory and the work of Friedman and Sowell.
Don Gaetano
I have the greatest affection for both of you. Learning so much at 71, I feel like an excited college kid - though I have high school ed only.
C'est Magnifique! Merci beaucoup
Just bought this new edition of Basic Economics a week or so back, and am knee-deep in the middle of it now. Simply phenomenal. Wish I'd have read this back when I was going through my Econ courses back in college. A Sowell-inspired Econ course would be one of the best things we could give to future generations!
NCFishCoastal HntrNC
this man is Brilliant!! His words ring SO TRUE today with Biden in office!
Incandescent Buddha
Still as vigorous and articulate as ever, keep going strong Tom Sowell!
I love this man! His level of intelligence and his ability to explain difficult topics to a wide range of people with such ease always amazes me.
Jamie Gauci
Okay, so I know everyone loves Thomas Sowell, he's very knowledgeable. But I'm from the U.K and at no point have I heard about a scandal involving nurses helping pregnant women when they feel like it.
The NHs has many faults, but this certainty that Americans have about "long waiting times", it's just not true.
If you have a serious situation, you will take priority, there's no issue with that. It's the people with mid level issues that end up have to wait a few hours.
It's still infuriating at times don't get me wrong, but people who are dying of cancer for instance, are not be left to die
Thomas Sowell is a national treasure and isn’t allowed to die

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