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What a wonderful wonderful man.
Vision of the anointed was also a masterpiece.
It really helped me to understand why some people hold on to silly utopian ideas, no matter how terrible they fail
He’s brilliant! And full of truth. Something that’s been lacking for decades in the mainstream media.
One of the most important brilliant man of the XX and XXI Century who is still very underrated. A shame.
after a few minutes of this video, i learnt more about economics than any time. thats because the truth has always there except... before, have my mind intentionally been numbed by some outside powerful forces?
He is a rock star!
Excellent compilation
This should be required study
Thomas Sowell for President!
why is he not the president
Probably the smartest man on the planet.
" i want to see the poor take care of themselves , if they can't, who can ?

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