Thomas Sowell - The Quest for Cosmic Justice (Full Video)
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Such a shame that young people had not been (largely) introduced to Sowell until the birth of YouTube, myself included. I only hope these lectures, his books, and his thoughts live on.
This guy knew the sjw pathology before anyone.
So I’m reading The Quest for Cosmic Justice right now and am amazed by its salient insights. I also notice that it was published some time ago relatively speaking, and while I imagine one would draw similar conclusions that he does from more up to date statistics, many of his citations and statistics come from the 90s or earlier. I’m young, in college, and new to this whole conversation and ignorant about how and where to find reliable statistics published in the last ten years or so or or more recent books that expand Sowell’s points. Any tips of where I should go?
" I cannot imagine that Mrs. Simon gave a moments thought to my self esteem".....old school education worked.
I like to watch his old stuff - his countenance and confidence is his brain excites me!!
Happy 90th birthday to one of the greatest thinkers and writers of our time.
I love this man.
The humor that includes in his form of speech is what attracts me more to him as a person
Sage Ryan
Enjoyed your talk very much. Thank you. I admire your teacher!! She had your best interest at heart. True dedication.
This video makes 1999 feel like it was such a long time ago.
Steve Wright
Amazing. If that doesn't summarize what's happening in 2021 I don't know what does.
" became painfully clear that what he would've called a level playing field is what I would've called a tilted field. Tilted so as to produce the results that he wanted...
What I call Cosmic Justice has been called by some people Social Justice, but I think they are unduly modest. Because they are trying to correct not only the inequities that they see in society, they are trying to correct the oversights of God or the defects of the Cosmos."
Vishal Narote
This video is gold!
Thanks for sharing.
I study revolutionary science, but I'm intrigued by Thomas Sowell's theories. I've got to get that book.
M.S Sharma
Minute 25: "Nothing is easier than to prove that something human has its imperfections. I am amazed to see how many people devote time to this task" My understanding we see huge disparity and diversity among humans all over the world. This can observed by a common man (without going to school or getting an IVY league degree). Yet people after people try to spend entire lifetime trying to prove it? One cannot change this diversity of people (and the results they go through) by some magical Government intervention.
Mr Shah
So like, when is Thomas Sowell going to be appointed President?
He’s got a fantastic voice. Great radio voice
Great! 22 years ago. How crazy it is that in Argentina now we have the same problem in public schools. Kids are given passing grades, though they don't deserve them. So they end up being 14 years old, but not knowing how to correctly read and write. And it is sad, because here most middle and upper class kids go to private schools, so the affected are mainly poor kids. The saddest of all is that we used to have a great education system where working class kids, after hard work, could get to university. Social justice is a disease that kills functional societies and institutions.
Jeremy McCormick
Thank you Dr. you are truly a man of wisdom and authority with your research. Listening to the depth by which he gathers statistics is a true gift of the Lord. No every man can wield this type of intelligence. I follow you and dr. Friedman and if I could have opened my understanding younger I would be please to do so. Thank you, your time has been much valued along with your work!
Dr. Sowell and Dr Walter Williams (God rest his soul), are/were two of the greatest thinkers and writers in the world. I've always been a big fan. Dr Sowell's book "The Vision of the Anointed" is like a college course in one book.
“Nothing is easier to prove than that something human has imperfections. I’m amazed at how many people devote themselves to that task.” 25:00
Thomas Sowell has the most clear understanding and communication to the worlds most difficult problems. He is truly amazing!!
Brilliant...I so wish I had known him when I was in college.
Excellent. I wish I heard this 23 years ago.
Fucking hell this is timely. This is disturbingly relevant still today
This guy is a prophet. We are living this nightmare right now

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