Thomas Sowell on "Black Redneck" Culture
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Thomas Sowell is brilliant, yet you never hear majority of us (especially the "pro-blacks") cite his work or quote him. Wonder why. OH YEAH, because he doesn't lay all the blame at the white man's foot and speaks of our own accountability.
This man encouraged me to be a black conservative. I wish I had more peers familiar with his work so I'd have people to engage in friendly conversations with. Thank God for YouTube.
Truth vs. falsehood
Thomas Sowell is an American treasure.
I'm a white who left school at 14 and worked as a bricklayers labourer, at 16 got an apprenticeship. I'm sure black men could learn a trade, not everyone has th smarts or drive to go to uni, (I knew i didn't) but you can, as Thomas said "equip yourself with skills people are willing to pay for" Simple and brilliant
Camden McInnis
I'm 26 and I've been saying this since I was 10. As you can imagine. My black friends dissapeared.
Mr Shah
Dr. Thomas Sowell for President!!
DrewThomas Arnal
"You equip yourself with skills people are willing to pay for."
Shelby Steele, Larry Elder, Walter E. Williams, Thomas Sowell all national Treasures.

Evergreen interview "Equip yourself with skills other people are willing to pay for." πŸ’«πŸ”₯πŸŒ±πŸ•―πŸ’–βœ…
Tracy Ellis
Vaquero Layman
Where has Mr. Sowell been all me life?? Amazing person!!
What Sowell is saying is exactly what Ben Shapiro says, that it is about culture, yet Shspiro is called a racist for saying such a thing.
Hugh Mungous
Why is this man not our president?
It’s hard to provide a good education when so much of school resources go into dealing with violence in the school
Michael Nketsiah
Thomas Sowell on The Limits of Discrimination:

"There's no such thing as a lack of villainy among human beings. Any time you take any large group of
people, you have an almost inexhaustible source of sins. And if you want to look into all those sins, you can go on forever looking into them. The question is whether those sins explain the numbers..."
Zachary LaMountain
Learn a skill people are willing to pay for.... boom!
Eric Paul
This man is brilliant
Paul C
There is an assumption here that illegitimacy, as an ever increasing norm, is somehow wrong or a bad thing, rather than looking at why marriage is a failing tradition in American and elsewhere - being born out of wedlock is a different matter to how children are parented, and it is tenuous to be linking illegitimacy to racial matters in passing. Correlation is not causation etc.
β€œEquip yourself with skills people are willing to pay for.” Enough said.
How has Sowell never been a political advisor? He's brilliant
This man is the truth.
Kris Davis
This man must be hated by the black community because he doesn't sling bullshit.
Tom Blackburn
" It is better to teach Children in the Beginning, Than trying to fix a Broken Adult later in their Lives." - Nelson Mandala
Violet Joy
I watched this a few years ago and came back again after reading all of his books. He is a brilliant man who communicates in a way simple enough for the average person to understand.

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