Thomas Sowell's Maverick Insights on Race, Economics, and Society
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If Sowell was still a Marxist, he’d be the most celebrated black professor of all time.
Milton Friedman: “One of the great mistakes is to judge policies and programs by their intentions rather than their results.”
In every Sowell comment section someone says he is a national treasure. I’m afraid you’re all wrong.
Sowell is an international treasure!
Sowell is a national treasure.
Thomas Sowell deserves the Presidential Medal of Freedom
The smartest man in America. Mr. Sowell is a national treasure. A role model for all Americans.
Made my heart skip a beat. I'm glad he's still with us.
Thank God for Sowell. Plus, I am grateful for those people and publishers that were willing to publish his work.
I am a simple man: I see Thomas Sowell, I click.
I love Thomas Sowell. He is a living legend, a national treasure. He changed my life with his books.
Witnessed this happen for 38 years of my life.
Step-1 Dad comes to the US, from Honduras, back in the 1970's. Dirt poor and poorer than any American could even comprehend. Works 70-80 week. No handouts... no welfare.
Step-2 45 years later and he OWNS 7 homes and has a quarter million in the bank. Assets in the millions.
You say this is an isolated incident. Sorry, I can't buy that. Two of my uncles and three of my aunts own multiple homes and they all worked hard. No handouts. One of my aunts is self made millionaire... she makes wigs... of all things.

Want more evidence? 2nd generation of extended family are liberals. Believe that "The Boogey Man" is out there. Majority of my cousins are single parents, are on welfare, didn't graduate from high school, and are dependent on entitlements.
I used t ok be a drug war, patriot act, and foriegn war supporting conservative. After working 10 years at TSA "yeah I groped people and fondled underwear for ten years" I started realizing how wrong my worldview was. Yes, working at TSA turned me into a full fledged libertarian.
Sowell is very popular in South Africa, probably more than in the USA.
Basic Economics changed my life about 14 years ago. I wish more young people read it.
I learned about Dr. Sowell through my interest in Economics... Never learned about him in public schools. His books should be required reading PERIOD.
Thomas Sowell is a great American.
I’m so thankful for his lifetime body of work. What a remarkable mind.
Was fortunate to have Dr. Sowell as an econ teacher at UCLA back in the day. Sadly I suspect today he might not be able to even speak on campus.
The most brilliant man I've ever read/seen/listened-to
peter dan
Prof Sowell has been one of the most enlightening and engaging people I've come to hear and read, and that, only in the past few years. For me, he provides hope in a time that can seem so near hopeless.
Thomas Sowell in a hero. Love his work
Sowell is amazing. He just cuts right through the BS. He is a national treasure.
Karan Parakh
Scary that he's already 91 now when it seems the world needs him the most. I wish he keeps living and writing books and spreading his wisdom for many more years to come. We have very few rational voices like him left today.
Someone get this man a medal of freedom.
Truly amazing. I wish his work was taught in history classes throughout the United States. This guy is a hero!
If we would have listened to Sowell, we wouldn't be anywhere close to the mess we are in.
I wish he would receive more attention
I can't get enough of Sowell. Why his teachings are not mandatory reading in schools in this country is a disgrace.

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