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I'm 43 yrs old and just discovered Mr. Sowell barely 10 days ago. This man should be in our history books for our children to learn from.
This man is the one that opened my eyes. If it wasn't for Mr. Sowell I would still be thinking as a victim.
"People can't be knowledgeable about everything but they can be knowledgeable about the state of their ignorance." I love this man.
Sowell once sent me an autographed book and just for pointing out a typo on his website. Love him. Have several of his books.
My dad would listen to his audio tapes while bringing me to school, I used to get so bored as a kid but still listened and retained a bunch of it. I have to say his lessons helped me through my 20s with personal responsibilities. This man is a living Legend.
Thomas Sowell is awesome, and to me a true inspiration! More of us black men like him have been actually speaking up, the rest of us need to follow suit. Meaning we need this kind of ideology to get the wheels and cogs greased to help a community grew.
What’s insane is how Mr. Sowell has been saying this for over 40 years. Watching videos of him in the 70’s and 80’s warning us of what would happen is spine chilling. I never knew how long this bias has been seeded in our culture and it’s hard to blame him for being so pessimistic.
I simply love to hear this man speak. How many people has he “mentored” through his books and videos? We are blessed to have him as a National Treasure.
Damn. He should've been the first Black president.
I would love to see a 3 hour discussion between Jordan Peterson and Tom Sowell.
"Larry Elder beat me senseless with facts and i had to go back and reassess...." How many people, and notably how many journalist are able of saying this kind of things. This is intellectual honesty 101.
Eric Jang
That last comment from Sowell: People can't be knowledgeable about everything, but they can be knowledgeable about the extent of their own ignorance.
Words we need more of today
Haha "what made you realize Marxism is wrong?"
Dr Sowell with the line of the century.
This dude is almost 90 YEARS OLD, and still sharp as a tack.
“What was your wake-up call from that line of thinking?” Thomas Sowell: “Facts” 😂
As far as Mr. Rubin's "gushing" at the beginning of the interview, I feel the same way. Dr. Sowell is one of the most underappreciated intellectuals and economists of our time. It's an absolute crime that he isn't receiving more mass media attention. It proves the media and bulk of the population are comfortable in their dissidence and don't actually want to know.
I discovered Thomas Sowell after all the riots in the country, and my friend saying how America oppresses people and how racist we are, and found Thomas Sowell while researching, best thing I did. He puts things profoundly, simply, and complex.
OMG! This man will peel the onion right in front of you and there’s never an, “I gotcha” moment. I am embarrassed that I have lived for 62 years and only now have I heard his prophetic words. His insight into society is unparalleled. His knowledge is in his life experiences. Thank you Rubin Report for sharing this with America. I will be purchasing his books and share this great man with my children and grandchildren. We ALL can be better as a culture from his powerful insight. God Bless you Mr. Thomas Sowell.
Brutha V
I'll never forget Dave's "awakening" from Larry Elder. I vividly remember seeing the wheels in Dave's head turning as Larry -- through the Socratic method -- challenged Dave's assertions. It was fantastic. I don't agree with Dave on everything, but he's a wonderful interviewer; very intelligent & articulate; and a very kind and respectful man. Glad he's now on the side of logic and critical thinking.
I'm 25 years old I would gladly give Sowell some of my years of life just to keep him with us longer.
I am amazed this guy is nearly 90yrs in this interview and he's still engaging, fast thinking, lucid and still writing and selling books. What a legend.
I am a libertarian with conservative leaning and a Christian, I enjoyed this so much. Thank you Dave for doing this. Thomas sowell is a national treasure. Keep up the good work Dave.
Frederick Wells
Great video very informative educational and knowledgeable great video much greater message and meaning thank you Dr. Sowell!!!
Grant Stowell
Rubin- love your talk show from content to format. prolific conversations that go deep into subjects that are tough to explore in the current culture of our society... keep up the great work!
I strive to take my examination and conversations of like subjects, beyond speaking with 1 person or a small group of people in person to what you've created... the Bible says that man cannot change society at large but we can effect a change in our sub culture we are blessed to cross paths and develop a trusted bond with. (paraphrasing here) again I appreciate your content and your choices you decide to bring into the public forum. keep it up! we need more content like you continue to bring forth.
John Irons
I only recently discovered Thomas Sowell and he confirms my already deeply held conservative beliefs. This is a great interview.
As a teacher, i cried when he said "don't get into public school because the odds are so stacked against you." Truth. Ouch.
Sowell is one of the greatest minds of the 20th century. I pray that he keeps writing and doing interviews for years to come so we have a huge record of his thought for future generations.
Liberty and Justice for Me
"People can't be knowledgeable about everything, but they can be knowledgeable about the extent of their own ignorance." - Dr. Thomas Sowell
Peter Mathieson
I hear the voice of Thomas Sowell, I listen to his story, and I get chills. He is the living embodiment of potential realized (and the role of serendipitous chance in the form of the role Eddie played in his life). Oh how I admire Thomas Sowell, and have done for decades.
Thomas Sowell is timeless.❤ His wisdom will be long valued, and hopefully his sensible facts & conclusions will inspire enough people to save this country. Bring back critical thinking❗️
Thomas Sowell is a national treasure. Thank you for having him on your program. Hope everyone shares this interview.
"People can't be knowledgeable about everything, but they can be knowledgeable about the extent of their own ignorance." Hands down one of my favorite quotes from Thomas Sowell.
Dave: The road to Hell is paved with good intentions.
Dr. Sowell: Its a super highway.

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