Thomas Sowell Brings the World into Focus through an Economics Lens
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Thomas Sowell should be interviewed every week of his life until we have extracted every gem of logical reasoning for prosperity. 
Jasper Gem
Dr. Thomas Sowell, a national treasure.
No praise can do this scholar justice. What a brilliant man
As a Hungarian in Hungary I have absolutely nothing to do with these subjects. But I just can't stop. I'm addicted to listening to his common sense and reason. I feel like after every video my IQ goes up by a small amount. :D Gotta watch 'em all. lol. Next up are his audiobooks. Holy shit.
What an amazing and intellectually courageous man.  If only there were a thousand like him.

Hell, I'd settle for two.
sitting here in my underwear at 2 Am eating cereal and watching Thomas Sowell. Happiness
Economics Mafia
I've read Dr Sowell's book on "Basic Economics", it's amazing. It makes Economics accessible to the common people.
Louis Guitton
love at 7:09  "milton friedman couldn't cure you but the federal government did" "never say the federal government doesn't do anything"  - sowell clearly has some comedic talent here!
I wish more people would take the time to watch this. In today's "bite size" world, I'm not sure most do.
Eric H
How can someone defend keynesian economics after listening this interview is beyond my comprehension. Thomas Sowell is such a giant in the economics field with no parallels. Robinson is such a good interviewer for bring out the best of Thomas Sowell. Thank you both for this interview.
Cornelius Davis
whenever I read his books or listen to him speak it's like someone's reading Proverbs from the Bible...bursting with wisdom
Kyle Medeiros
Wow Ive watched Sowell on this show over and over again. Im really excited to see him back on. Time to have my mind blown.
Steve Wright
The guy is a treasure. I have written down at least 20 of his quotes from all these videos. Anybody who had him as a prof is lucky.
Nat Brownizzle
I live in Europe and originally I was born in Romania, but live now in Austria for 19 years. To me Mr. Sowell is very important, since I myself am an imigrant in Austria, who witnesses the fact, that left wing organizations are working very hard on trying to do the same thing to all imigrants in Austria, the left wing did to blacks and latinos in the USA, which is mainly turn us to permanent victims and make us dependend to government social goodies.

Fun fact, nobody in Europe ever mentions Sowells name.
Paul Kitchen
I don't believe Thomas Sowell is regarded as a comedic genius, but only because he is truly, naturally funny. His quips inserted on a regular basis should make you laugh out loud. I had to stop this video on a regular basis just to finish laughing so I could continue listening. In part of the humor of his quips is that they are absolutely, obviously true.
Rob Saunders
Peter Robinson is such a great interviewer because he wants to understand. Curiousity may kill cats, but enlivens the rest of us.
Frank Ferrese
Thank you for a fantastic interview.  Basic Economics should be required reading for all high school students.
Jack Yarbrough
Not only a brilliant man, but a humble man. These two traits rarely are found in the same person. What common sense and reason. He is the perfect depiction of intelligence.

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