Thomas Sowell and Roger Ailes
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Sowell is just a legend. He's just so damn intelligent.
2020 and I have just discovered who this great man is. A godsend for me.
"There are no solutions. There are only trade-offs." -- Thomas Sowell
"It never seems to occur to liberals that other people are not blocks of wood..." That was my favorite line.
Sowell is a man of immense character and also charisma, and not at all a show-off about it either.
I used to think that all the homeless people really needed help and were victims of unfortunate financial tragedies. Then I got a job that really gave me a front row seat to the realities of the homeless. Most, if not all, have mental illness, usually from years of drug abuse. Most, if not all, are still using drugs and/or alcohol. They all qualify and receive SSI benefits including housing. They panhandle for money not because they need food, but because their EBT/SNAP cards will not purchase more liquor or drugs. Most have families that tried to give them help and a place to live, but they created safety issues in the home or refused to make positive changes so they had to leave.
I just love Thomas Sowell,his books are worth reading over and over again.
great to see such in depth interviews and on a wide ranging topics. Sowell, what a man!
One of the greatest interviews I have ever watched. Both men are in form.
What they dicussed is still relevant today.
Alex Darr
Still a refreshing voice to hear. I had a great time listening to this. When he says “symbolic statements” we now call that “virtue signaling”
He predicted where we are today decades ago. Such a brilliant man.
Ooo Wee Baby!
Not corrupted by the politics! Real man and a real president of intellectual vision well beyond our time!
I am a simple man, I see Thomas Sowell in the title, I click
This man predicted the next 25 years
Despite being 10 years older than Ailes, Thomas Sowell looks like he could be his teenage son.
Bro I can listen to Sowell all day everyday!!! This man is amazing and so simple
The kind of teacher that actually deserves tenure. I wish I had teachers like him.
Sowell involuntarily saying "Oh my gosh" whenever he's overcome by the scale of how effed the world is, it always inspires me, that level of passion.
Temari Kel
I'm admittedly a Dr. Sowell fan so I naturally clicked on this video. I, however, have no idea how great an interviewer Ailes is. He let's him speak, butts in when it's appropriate, asks follow up questions, and all that because he listens.

The anecdote about the champion African boxer is absolute gold!! Dr. Sowell, if you'll allow me, I'm stealing that analogy.
Andy johnsen
People gravitate towards Dr Sowell more and more. A sure sign of how timeless his ideas are and much we need a clear thinker in society.
Truly an enlightenment values thinker.
"Their are no soloutions, only trade offs".

If their was ever a quote to epitomise the instric nature of humanity, this would be it.
Fantastic Classic Sowell
He's the Bruce Lee of Economics
Bottom line, we are accountable for our actions.
Sowell was basically a prophet because everything he had said is coming to pass.

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