Trailer - Thomas Sowell: Common Sense in a Senseless World
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Thomas Sowell, one of the most under rated intellectual of our time.
This is bringing a tear to my eye. I found him less than a year ago and he is now one of my biggest hero’s.
One of the greatest and most influential thinkers in US history.
Sowell is criminally underrated because academia and the media fear him.
The lack of awareness in the larger American culture to the mind and teachings of Thomas Sowell is a national tragedy. It breaks my heart that more people haven't learned from him as I have. Thank you for making this film. Hopefully, more will be exposed to Dr. Sowell's great wisdom.
Joel Harvey
It’s an outrage that he hasn’t won a Nobel Prize.
They need to put this on Netflix or something when it comes out. He deserves way more attention than he gets.
Why am i more excited about this film than anything else in the last 5 years.
Thomas Sowell will forever live on as one of the most brilliant minds ever to be recognized, he truly is a inspiration!
Thomas Sowell is the greatest man not taught in modern colleges and universities. He’s ignored by the “intellectual” because he forces them to defend their theories and ideology. Watching his debates and analysis from the 80’s should be required for everyone because most all of his predications have held true. It’s remarkable.
First! Not even an American citizen, but Thomas Sowell is one of my heroes! Love this man and his eloquence and his conviction! Just finished reading Basics of Economics and he’s introduced me to the work Milton Friedman and Walter E. Williams. I would recommend his videos and writing to anyone!
About damn time. This man should have a movie about his life, along with a SERIES of documentaries on virtually all of his books. Then a library named after him, and a museum for his works with a nice big statue of him in front of it.
This man deserves a statue in Trump's upcoming garden of statues as one of the most influential Americans.
An American hero! More people need to be exposed to his mind and what he has contributed to the advancement of humanity. Happy birthday to this Patriot.
The sooner this is put out the better. Happy 90th Dr. Sowell.
Spiro Skrami
really looking forward to this documentary, dr. sowell is truly an amazing figure and influential intellectual
Good god I'm excited for this. Dr Thomas Sowell changed my academic life and opened my eyes. He inspired me to get a PhD and to keep battling against my fellow 'academics' at my University. I wrote to Dr Sowell and thanked him, he wrote back with three brand new signed books. It is so refreshing when your icon is also just a genuinely nice human.
Peter W.
Dr. Sowell changed my entire outlook on life when I discovered his writing and thinking. This brings tears to my eyes. Finally, at 90, he'll be honoured in the age of mass information and digital media. A truly brilliant and honourable man. 🙏🏾🧠❤
This popped up on my YouTube recommendations literally 2mins after I wrote to a friend saying that there’s two kinds of people: those who know who Thomas Sowell is, and those who haven’t been taught how to think.
Dr. Sowell is one of the brightest minds in our nation. We need more people like him.
Thomas Sowell is a wonderful American.
We have ignored him for decades and we have never needed him more.
I pretty much listen to Dr. Thomas Sowell daily
Thomas Sowell is a National Treasure!
Thomas Sowell. A great defender of freedom and liberty.
God Bless Dr. Thomas Sowell!
Mr. Sowell is the man! His message can change our world for a better place.
We need him now more than ever.

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