Thomas Sowell - Preferential Policies (Full Interview)
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My god could you imagine having Thomas Sowell lecture at your school and then being able to talk with him on campus. Sounds like heaven.
First time I have listened to Thomas Sowell. I am ashamed to admit that I have never heard of him.
I will now catch up with all his interviews and listen to his views. Never too late to learn.
A very impressive man,
Colonel Neville
Thomas Sowell is THE greatest empirical economic and cultural analytical mind and author alive today, perhaps ever.
Das Rhodruna
I really dislike the obscurity of which Dr. Sowell has been subject to. I'm no scholar, but I'm willing to bet that this man is one of the greatest minds come about in American history.
Felix Tvedegaard Heim
"I don’t want people making decisions who dont pay the price of making these decisions"
It was being asked even back in 1990, “why have we not seen more of you?” 30 years later, it’s still being asked! I watched every single interview of Thomas Sowell’s, sometimes more than once. Amazing!
cyan eyed
A man of ferocious wisdom and charisma.
It's such a pleasure to listen to this guy.
Dimitri Andreou
Absolutely mind boggling that this is from 1990. Still, and extremely, topical today! :-|
Crusades Nuclear Bombs
This interview is mind-blowing. SJWs have been around for much longer than I had thought. This could have been recorded yesterday and it would be just as relevant.
Imperious Rex
This man has changed my life. Civil Rights the the greatest lie ever told to black people in this country.
Jeff Lampert
What a freakin' brilliant guy.
We need more people like Thomas Sowell
No Name YouTube nomad
When I listen to interviews or talks of anyone, beit Ben Shapiro, Dave Rubin, Stevan Hawkins, or anyone like them, I seem to understand them and feel I could emulate them. When it come to Thomas Sowell; he Is the only one that makes me feel intellectually inadequate. I understand what he's saying, but when it comes to knowing how he got his intelligence and information, I'm at a loss. He is truly ahead of his time, it's uncanny how relevant this interview is today; as if he took a time machine twenty years into the future and wrote a few books. Truly awe-inspiring!
Slindile Ngcobo
This is gold. Recently came across Thomas Sowell. Blown away.
Ryan Hulme
I love how practical and pragmatic he is. So objective and intellectually honest. And he doesn’t seem to care one bit about fame or fortune. Truly one of the greatest minds of our time.

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