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Sowell is the best. I have learned so much from him and Walter Williams.
"I've often said Democrats are the only reason to vote Republican" Love this guy.
Thomas Sowell is an American treasure.
THANK YOU for putting together this Fox News mini-documentary on Thomas Sowell! He's one of my favorite nonfiction authors. A true intellectual giant!
Marvelous, I respect Thomas Sowell so much, I wish I could meet him in person. I have been watching him since the late 1970's when I watched the talk shows with my father. He's an amazing, brilliant and brave individual who speaks the truth no matter what anyone thinks.
Prof. Sowell has a 5-dan black belt in common sense. A very rare skill.
Thomas Sowell is a genuine genius and has unshakable honesty. My only regret that is that I didn't find out about him earlier in my life. My kids will read his books in their teens. God bless him.
It the shame that work of Thomas Sowell is not educated in schools as basic socio-economical area. Also history and philosophy (morality based on private property and freedom of choice ) is more clear when taking his common sense logic. It would help from pre-schools to universities....
A national treasure.
what i like about him is his love for old traditional family values.
Love this man; I’ve loved listening too and reading his books.
I watched an abridged version of this interview about 10 years ago and it opened my mind. The best black thinker of the XX century.
So much importance, so little view count...

This world's a joke.
love him
I would rather have dangerous freedom over peaceful slavery.
The greatest.
this guy is brilliant

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