Wealth, Poverty, and Politics
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"You cannot measure opportunity by outcomes" quote of the century right there, this guy is awesome
I'm glad Dr. Sowell is looking healthy and animated despite being 85 years old. Hopefully his brilliance won't be hindered by age anytime soon.
Robinson is such an excellent interviewer. I love his format. He's extremely well structured, but what really makes him stand out is that it's evident that he's read the books, and has taken the time to think about them to formulate excellent questions.
So sad that I'm 35 yo and only now finding out about this guy. So many principles that I should have known about.
Dr. Sowell is not only one of the smartest men on the topics of race, economics, the family, but one of the wisest public intellectuals as well. Is he politically incorrect? Absolutely. Is he tough on the President? Most definitely. In the eyes of many on the Left, that precludes them from covering his very intelligent musings in anything other than a very biased manner.

This man is one of the greatest intellectual assets this great nation is blessed to have. Many young individuals could learn a whole lot from this man. I know I have and have become the better for it.
I enjoy binge-watching his interviews. No matter how many times you watch him, it's always refreshing and quenches my thirst for knowledge and truth.
I really want to thank these two men. Before discovering Uncommon Knowledge I was just your run-of-the-mill, anti-American liberal Brit (we aren't exposed to many conservative voices over here across the pond). Uncommon Knowledge and Thomas Sowell introduced me to the civil, thoughtful, intellectual side of conservatism (which I now realize is at its heart) and introduced me to other thinkers and writers on the right which I would otherwise never have heard about. It completely changed my worldview. Thank you, keep up the good work, and God bless America.
Thomas Nickell
What an incredible human being Thomas is. With today's issues from BLM, his perspectives of life as black or white are so important to listen too. Thank goodness we have a gentleman that looks at facts instead of emotions which seem to be out of control with the media fueling racial hate. As a 65 year old White gentleman I feel I have not contributed racism in this country and very very proud of that. Considering my father from the past was extremely racist against black folks, I should be racist but I never participated in his teachings of hatred.
Thomas Sowell's books should be required reading for all home-educated children. The man is a peripatetic education and a great teacher for our youth.
If I were President, I would beg this man to be my chief economist.
One of the greatest of men that has ever walked on this earth.
"If the government took over the Sahara there'd be a shortage of sand."

I don't know why I lol'd at that.
This is why I love Thomas Sowell and why he's one of my favorite non-fiction authors. He writes for the common-sense layperson, and his combination of facts, logic and common sense just blows the liberal worldview out of the water. Reading one book by Thomas Sowell makes you at least 3 times smarter than the average liberal. I've read dozens of his books over the years.
I swear you can sit and watch these videos for a couple of weeks and learn a lot more than what children are being taught at liberal arts universities these days.
Jordan Poole
Dr. Sowell and Dr. Friedman forever changed the world. Listening to their comparative analysis is something every young scholar should do.
Poverty doesn't cause broken homes, rather broken homes cause poverty.
Thomas Sowell is a damn national treasure that will be forgotten as fast as he's been dismissed. Watching a man like this proliferate the most common of all senses in an easy to understand form, and be unheard by the people who need to hear it most, is symbolic of the fall of America.
"Don't let schooling interfere with your education." ~ Mark Twain
Thomas Sowell should have been the first black president.
I wish I would have known about Thomas Sowell at 18. I'm 33 now. Truly a man of true wisdom.
Thomas is a genius! My city cousins were quick to remind me I was poor when they came to visit our little dairy farm. But the only thing they knew anything about was playing with a ball. I had almost unlimited resources to learn new things. All I needed was curiosity. Our little city dump was a treasure of possibilities. We learned the basics of human out of necessity. One of our major advantages was that no one wanted outside our community wanted anything to do with us. Then the government tried to save us—it was down hill from there on. They built a straighter, wider highway through our little town, scraped away our city dump, tore down our line fences, regulated our little dairy farms, etc., etc. The town shut down so we had to drive to the ‘big’ towns for everything. Without line fences, the small farms merged into huge farms where huge machinery was required so kids no longer could participate safely and were replaced by transients so they no longer learned to drive as soon as they were strong enough to reach and push the clutch or learn about the soil or care of livestock. The government defined the poverty level and is now trying to define ‘happiness’. No thanks—how can miserable people who have never known real happiness define happiness when real people don’t all want to ‘play ball’?
Thomas Sowell hit the nail on the head when he said how fast the economy could recover just from lowering taxes and easing regulations
I have never heard so many shocking facts in one interview, I am sitting here with my jaw dropped to the floor. Why aren´t these facts for example about Afro-American community mentioned in any newspaper or political debate? Why nobody can state facts in these days? What sort of democracy do we have? And most important question - who will replace these old guys and keep proliferating truth in their stead? The outlook is worse than bleak.
If the government took over the Sahara desert there would be a shortage of sand....lol. Golden words.
Christopher Moonlight Productions
Great interview although his comments about Trump sure didn't age well. Trump boosted the economy, made middle Easter peace deals, and his successor displaced Jimmy Carter as the most disastrous president ever.
I consider myself blessed to have been exposed to this mans wisdom in my college years. salute!
Can't stop watching these interviews with Sowell, just phenomenal conversation. Thank you for sharing this knowledge
Fascinating to listen to this 6 years later. Dr Sowell always has amazing insight.
Truth be told; I could listen to Dr. Thomas Sowell all day and never tire of listening to the wisdom he exposes thru his historically factual common sense thinking. You are an American treasure Dr. Thomas Sowell!!
Roger Coleman
I would love to hear Dr.Sowell talk about corruption.
One of the greatest thinkers of our time. I wish more people knew about him.
Wise man, that Thomas Sowell! ❤️. Common sense is the remedy to most of America’s problems!
It should be a law, that for every minute of air time Al Sharpton or Jessie Jackson gets on the national news, Thomas Sowell should get two.
Reminds me of the saying "America is the only country in the world where the poor can be fat"
I'm half german/ half turkish and I love thomas sowell! just imagine him being your uncle or grandfather... I could listen to him for hours
greetings from mainz, germany
The interviewer is calm, polite and noncombative, and allows him to speak.
"I'm in poverty because that guy has a Porsche!"
And today, you have to learn English to listen and read the great Thomas Sowell. I'm glad I did!!!!!!
If the govt. took charge of the Sahara dessert, there would be a shortage of sand.d
For God so loved the world, that He gave His only Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have eternal life. -John 3:16

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