Thomas Sowell on the Myths of Economic Inequality
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The world still has Thomas Sowell in it. All is not lost.
Vadim Drozhzhin
This gentleman is 88 years old in this video and his mind is crystal clear and on top of all the points. What an accomplishment, I wish to age as well as he has.
As a black man I just want to say... this man changed my life and taught me how to think. I've never felt more free.
Ommino Jacko
I'm black man and I've never read anything by Mr.Sowell, yet I have had these same views since I was a teen-ager. I guess just using your head and looking at things with an open mind and common sense goes a very long way. I will be reading Thomas Sowell now.
It makes you feel so much more powerful when you realize you are responsible for yourself.
Every time I retort a point, I start with "I read an article about..." Every time Tom Sowell retorts a point, he starts with "I wrote a book about...." There are levels to this
I’m sitting here in Dublin, Ireland being blown away by this man’s intellect, integrity, humility and clarity of thought. What a great pity most of our leaders of today, and especially our politicians, on both sides of the Atlantic, are not worthy of any of these adjectives. If we fail to heed the likes of Dr Sowell, we will indeed pay a heavy price.
Brad b
If we had 1 pill that would take 50 years off of a persons age id say give it to Dr. Sowell we need that man around for as long as we can have him.
Terry Goodwin
Just imagine. Thomas Sowell began his adult life as a Marxist. Through experiencing real life, education, and doing a lot of critical thinking, his worldview changed. He is a national treasure and I often post his quotes on my FB page. God bless him. Wouldn't you love it if everyone was introduced to him in the course of their public education?
Thomas Sowell's book, Basic Economics, helped me pass my economics classes and realize that my professors were teaching it wrong. I mean, I could literally show them how their math was wrong and they would at first argue, then threaten to fail me. Which is ironic since I grew up with learning disabilities.
So I did it their way and passed at the top of the class, which is the goal.
One example is the micro effect on the cost of living of mandated minimum wages.
Thank you Mr. Sowell, you have helped me succeed and see the world the way it is, not the way we want it to be.
The logic and articulation from people like Thomas Sowell made me realize that deep down I'm conservative.
As a black person, i find it difficult to understand how people like Thomas Sowell, who actually grew up poor, lived through Jim Crow and every other hardship blacks faced back then, could somehow rise above all that resentment of establishment white society and make something of himself, despite the challenges, while youngish people like Ta nehisi Coates, who grew up in a much less racist time and in better conditions, can hold such regressive ideas about whites and race relations and actually be commended for it by the intelligentsia and media of today. It just baffles me. I cannot for the life of me blame a white person today for the atrocities committed by people with whom he shared a skin tone with decades ago.
Luke Knox
"one of the benefits of having a harvard degree is never again having to be impressed by someone with a harvard degree." LOL man this interview is so good.
Robert Promm
"Government is not the personification of the national interest. They have their own interests." An incredibly important statement.
Joe Browser
It's so refreshing to see an interviewer who's actually prepared with quotes and actual good deep exploratory questions. Thomas Sowell is definitely worth to listen to. Thanks for sharing this interview.
Cameron Jellison
“ choices have major consequences”
It’s infuriating how people ignore this
Samuel Rodríguez
"Socialism is a great idea, but it doesn't mean is a great reality" Gold.
Dr. Sowell is perhaps our last great 20th Century economist still on Earth. Mises, Hayek, Rothbard, Friedman, Buchanan, Becker... all no longer with us- but Dr. Sowell still carries the standard. We love you, sir.
I wish they mentioned Dr Sowell during African-American History Month.
God's Cop
Dr. Sowell should have been our first black President
Fuller Hunt
I am ashamed that this is the first time I have ever known of Dr. Thomas Sowell. He is now another hero of mine, fighting the good fight.
James T. Kilroy Jr.
I have said it many times, Mr. Sowell has a way of stating facts so clearly and plainly that it hits you like a slap to the face. What a genius, what a man.
Thomas Moll
This gentleman is a national treasure , love his wisdom. Long may he live.
David Sequeira
I just left my room and went straight to Barns and Noble and bought 4 of his books. This man is amazing. Why aren't we playing this guy everywhere
Brittiny Smith
This man is brilliant. Facts over emotions. Thank you Thomas Sowell for your hard work!
uppity woman
I wish more people would watch this. About the schools, I have seen first hand, the bad apples do ruin the education of the class and teacher's can't do anything about it. Their hands are tied. Kids with a single parent that just can't or won't care about the kid's behavior and education in the class, but oh how proud of their kids they are. School is a babysitter at best.
Adrian Sherlock Damon Dark.
When I was a school failure, nothing happened. When I got a University education, nothing happened. When I learned to take personal responsibility for my life, everything started to happen.
Daniel Wait
This guy is pure class. Seems like a genuinely nice guy.
Matt G
I'll admit when was younger I had a bias against blacks because for the most part I'd had bad experiences with them. As I grew up I started reading more and I came across Thomas Sowell and he cured me of liberalism and my small bit of racism in 1 book. I'll never forget reading him and breaking down my assumptions and beliefs. One of the most underrated men of all time. I'll always be grateful.

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