Articles on Politics by Thomas Sowell | August 17, 2015
Random thoughts on the passing scene: • President Obama’s “agreement” with Iran looks very much like “The Emperor’s New Clothes.” We are supposed to pretend… | August 10, 2015
The so-called “debates,” among too many Republicans to have a debate, are yet another painful sign of how much words and ideas have degenerated in our times. No one expects these televi… | August 3, 2015
With Hillary Clinton’s multiple misdeeds coming to light and causing her political problems – reflected in her declining support in the polls – both she and the Democratic Party h… | June 22, 2015
Hillary Clinton is the closest thing to a sure thing to become the Democrats’ candidate in 2016. This is one of the painful but inescapable signs of our time. There is nothing in her history … | June 3, 2015
Baltimore is now paying the price for irresponsible words and actions, not only by young thugs in the streets, but also by its mayor and the state prosecutor, both of whom threw the police to the w… | May 18, 2015
In a recent panel discussion on poverty at Georgetown University, President Barack Obama gave another demonstration of his mastery of rhetoric – and disregard of reality. One of the ways of f… | April 27, 2015
Painful as it is to realize that both the Democrats and the Republicans will still be holding their primaries a year from now, that is one of the high prices we pay for democracy. Seldom does the i… | April 6, 2015
By abandoning virtually all its demands for serious restrictions on Iran’s nuclear bomb program, the Obama administration has apparently achieved the semblance of a preliminary introduction t… | January 19, 2015
With 2015 just getting underway, the buzz of political activity makes it seem almost as if we are already in the midst of the 2016 presidential campaign. Among the Democrats, Hillary Clinton is hon… | December 1, 2014
Jonathan Gruber’s several videotaped remarks about the gross deceptions that got ObamaCare passed in Congress should tell us a lot about the Obama administration. And the way that the mainstr… | November 24, 2014
If anyone still has any doubt about the utter cynicism of the Obama administration, a recent agreement between the federal government and the Minneapolis Public Schools should open their eyes. Unde… | November 10, 2014
Just what happened last week on Election Day? And what is going to happen in the years ahead? The most important thing that happened last week was that the country dodged a bullet. Had the Democrat… | October 6, 2014
Random thoughts on the passing scene: What a nonjudgmental society amounts to is that common decency is optional – which means that decency is likely to become less common. The biggest issue … | September 9, 2014
The recent bribery convictions of former Virginia governor Bob McDonnell and his wife are only the latest in a seemingly never-ending series of convictions of government officials. A little item on… | September 4, 2014
The latest Gallup poll indicates that 14 percent of the people “moderately disapprove” of Barack Obama’s performance as president and 39 percent “strongly disapprove.”…

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