Articles on Crime by Thomas Sowell | November 22, 2016
People who call themselves “progressives” claim to be forward-looking, but a remarkable amount of the things they say and do are based on looking backward. One of the maddening aspects … | August 22, 2016
Amid the rioting in Milwaukee, there is also a clash between two leading lawmen there – Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke and the city of Milwaukee’s Chief of Police Edward Flynn. T… | July 11, 2016
There was never a more appropriately named book than “The War on Cops” by Heather Mac Donald, published a few weeks ago, on the eve of the greatest escalation of that war by the ambush … | June 20, 2016
Murder is a serious subject, which ought to be examined seriously. Instead, it is almost always examined politically in the context of gun control controversies, with stock arguments on both sides … | October 20, 2015
In recent months there have been a series of cases reported in the media, where some teenage thug – white, black or Hispanic – has been stopped by a policeman for some routine violation… | October 12, 2015
President Obama’s intrusion into the mourning community of Roseburg, Oregon, in order to promote his political crusade for stronger gun control laws is part of his pattern of using sites of s… | June 3, 2015
Baltimore is now paying the price for irresponsible words and actions, not only by young thugs in the streets, but also by its mayor and the state prosecutor, both of whom threw the police to the w… | December 25, 2014
Critics and defenders of the harsh interrogation methods applied to captured terrorists can argue forever over whether those methods were “torture.” But any serious discussion of a seri… | November 24, 2014
If anyone still has any doubt about the utter cynicism of the Obama administration, a recent agreement between the federal government and the Minneapolis Public Schools should open their eyes. Unde…

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