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That last sentence, especially, nailed it. Indeed, there may've been better ways to reach this peaceful and prosperous time we now live in, but that still doesn't mean we have to destroy ourselves over what our ancestors did. As a Norwegian, I refuse to let the history of our vikings trying to conquer both Denmark and England define the present and future of our nation. Had that been the case, we would probably be enemies to this day. Pretty much all countries in the world have histories of internal and external atrocities, so if you allow your own country's history of blood to define what it means to be born in that country, then it doesn't matter where you are born. You will then forever be cursed by human history, which seems to be the case for countless Americans especially.
I wish that I was as wise as Sowell. I have to deal with all these WOKE people at my work and these words bring a little sanity to all this insanity around me.
Litigious Society
I also enjoy when you point out how an individual isn't even equal in opportunity or capability at different ages in their life.
Bill Spangler
When a four-year-old's chief weapon of logic is "that's not fair", we can be assured that those using the term are at the same intellectual level.
What is "fair?" Does it mean equal distribution? Or that the rules apply to different persons or groups equally? For instance, in a sporting event, say basketball, the rules are the same for both teams, yet one team will win and one will lose a game. Is that unfair or unequal? With a vague philosophical term like this that is nearly impossible to define, it is no wonder that politicians (and four-year-olds) love to use it so much.
ray west
Thomas Sowell thinks on a higher level - Certainly one of the brightest minds in our time.
A.J. Hodges
I am reminded of a scene from Babylon 5 where a character shares an interesting thought about the unfairness of life. The thought occurred to him "what if life were fair? And all the horrible things that happened to us were deserved?". He then asserts that he now instead finds great satisfaction in the unfairness of life, for what happens to him is, therefore, not necessarily a reflection of his own morality.
Dominic Fiekens
Reason. Its so relaxing to hear someone speaking with reason in theses times.
When we were growing up and complained about something being "fair" or not my mom always told us that the fair came once a year and stayed a week :D
Rokedak Halthagi
When discussing fairness, a point to remember is that social and sexual selection are automatically competitive behaviors which push people away from "fairness", an effect perhaps exaggerated in group behavior. The natural conscious and subconscious choices and changes will always push members of a social environment away from "fairness", even, when discussing about people who seek to do good in principle. And, as by definition every last social behavior and emotion is a part of social/sexual selection, how many people may a group "doing good" rob the opportunities from, regardless of intention, without their environment, or merely their human brains even allowing themselves to notice? This creates an issue, which is inherently difficult to solve.
Bob Bender
Thomas Sowell is in a class by himself.
Karlos TJ
I once had a discussion with someone about taxation.
Them: I just want people to pay their fair share.
Me: What is their "fair" share?
Them: Like 'obscene', I'll know it when I see it.
Me: So, you're just going to make it up as you go?
Them: No, I didn't say that.
Me: Well, today you'll "see" that 50% of someone's earnings is "fair". But tomorrow you'll "see" that 90% of that same person's earnings is "fair". That's "making it up as you go".
Frederic Bastiat
We live now, and right now you play the hand you're dealt. Same with everyone else. Fair is an illusion. Trust your perceptions, and build sound concepts with what you have. None of us are going to get out of all this alive anyways.
Pink Puff
Life is not fair, life has never been fair and life Will never be fair.
That is what makes it life.

Life is chaos and uncertainty, risk and reward. You can not have life without those things, because then it is no longer life.
What a treat to wake up to this on a Saturday, or any day for that matter. Thank you 😊
Jared Vernon
Every time someone talks about things not being fair I always tell them life is fair because it’s unfair for everybody.
Just think about it with The multitude of ranges that things can be unfair amongst individuals the only way you could create something close to being fair would be to just make things completely unfair
Robert Cooper
Dr. Sowell is a voice of reason in a chaotic world.
what an absolute legend. God Bless you Mr. Sowell.

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