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How come the black community doesn't champion this guy? He's one of the most brilliant minds.
Tawanda Homwe
I'm from Zimbabwe and have followed Dr. Sowell for a while. This guy is one of the greatest minds of our time. His truths are universal. If only there was a way of making him a must read for all high school students
Blue Fish
This is so true, in my younger years I was in the low income bracket that eventually made my way into the lower middle class, I thought partying was more important than anything else, it took me till my late 30s - 40s where I stopped blaming everything else for my problems and took personal responsibility for myself and stepped up to the plate and started my own business and I'm better for it over a decade later, but is wasn't easy. The choices you make now will determine your future.
Characa Rosandi
Truth, truth, and more truth. The extent of which individuals are increasingly finding more and more excuses to rid themselves of responsibility/accountability amazes me just as much as more and more of society is accepting these excuses
Will Dyer
When personal responsibility is negated then all society does after that is destroy itself
Ratel.H Badger
Interesting how much of the "improvements" that can be made on a society are deemed part of a collective area. Improving education, healthcare, employment etc yet many of those changes are up to individuals within them. Teachers can be well funded and lazy, students can have all the opportunities and still not work. Dr's can have all the time and training and still be incompetent, patients can have money for expensive private care and still ignore little things. Jobs might be available but are the fulfilling, pay enough, or provide growth opportunity. Just providing more of something to people doesn't improve outcomes.
The Lamington
Dr. Sowell is an international treasure. I believe there are two types of people in the world: Those who make a mess, and those who clean up after them. I’m done cleaning up after irresponsible people and the Government should be done too.
I once came across the phrase. " cognitive dissonance".
Its well established by many tests, that people want to have their choices reinforced. To be justified
They don't seek for any information, that might tend to suggest, that they,as individuals made poor choices.
Vincent Meyers
Has been the smartest man in the country for decades !
Matheus Henrique
This man has the ability to express reasonable thinking that I know it's true but am unable to express it myself.
Kathleen McKeithen
As always, the voice of reason. Thank you so much, Dr. Sowell!
Ilya Prévost
Here in France, we have students saying that we should abolish the rating system to give a better chance to succeed for everyone and on top of that, give a monthly salary to students despite the fact that the education budget of France has doubled in the last 20 years and yet the quality of education kept getting worse and worse since 2000.
How much do you desire knowledge? How dedicated are you to taking responsibility for all of the factors that make up the educational experience? You control your destiny. The sooner you understand that, the better.
Sincerely, a bad student
Monroe Truss
I told my daughters that education is a gift you give yourself. All anyone else can do is make it available.
Jack Morgan
"The great escape of our times is the escape from personal responsibility for the consequences of one's own behavior."
People make choices.
Actions have consequences.
Six words. That's all it takes to define life on this planet. After that you're simply jumping into a rabbit hole to argue and debate over who to blame and why it is always somebody else's fault that your life sucks.

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