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This is Part 6 of an 8-Part series on the life of Karl Marx. See here for the complete series:
Sergio Leonardo Cornejo
His ideology resulted more damaging to humanity than any weapon.
Jax Kovak
Its incredible how the behavior of various individuals mimics Marx and his lunacy so closely.
Phillip Watts, Jr.
Thanks for this series. So much has been said about the ideology/movement, and yet not much is said about the man himself.
Event Hʘriךּon
even more and more despicable as the episodes (and thestory of his life) go on. Im so glad to be learning about what people think is a saint and saviour, and was in fact, the lowest and disgusting politician and parasite. I dare say he does come in the same pantheon as A.H. and Lenin. Which ironically took ideas from his book.
Keep up the good work! these should be taught in school.
Nordic Son
l am amazed how colleges teach about this man... just sheer indoctrination... how great... how fair... how just... a social justice warrior ...
Roak Nagg
Thomas Sowell for President
Nic Bahtin
damn his little trolling caused huge suffering
Sadly, all too often those kinds of organizations end in infightings because of power disputes between it's creators.
cupid stunt
where can we find more information about the 'rule or ruin' tactic used by communists?
I always paid more attention to Groucho than Karl.
Broc Lauderdale
Funny how a person who was never a worker lead workers
Justice Wokeisutterbs
It never fails to amaze me how like modern leftist democraps he was...or rather, how like Marx modern leftist democraps are. It's disgusting.
Banana Split Cream Buns
You don't have to always agree with Bakunin to acknowledge that he was a great man. He very much predicted the tyranny that would be committed in the name of Marx.

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