How Geography Shaped Africa | Thomas Sowell
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This is Part 5 of an 8-Part series on Geography and Culture. See here for the complete series:
I've loved the excerpts about geography. They've really opened my eyes to a lot of consequences of geography that had never occurred to me in the past.
Legate 7
I need a cloning machine for Sowell. Everything in school l was taught was about history and racism and yada-yada-yada. We need teachers like Sowell who examine the case studies instead of putting their politics before their science
Mark Sowick
Professor Sowell just gives one so many great points to think about. His common sense approach to history is refreshing.
Sergio Leonardo Cornejo
Geography explains plenty of situations, but it can't be exploited to play victim. That's why they don't even talk about it.
Paul E.
Correct again, as always.
Hung Jury SR4
The one bad thing about taking APHG is seeing old study YouTubers in reccomended
Does Thomas Sowell know about this channel?
Africa has 18% of the world's population. Perhaps 10% was from a decade or more ago. When is this talk from?
1984 lnsights on life
=Wha't Left of Communism ? Wehn Newyork City Was the Capital of American Communsim ;
Lenin no longer lives, the old Communism may be dead, but the sense of injustice that animated them is very much alive.@
Ram 066
Fact based information that is very well known in educated circles yet most people are led and manipulated to believe narratives that tend to put more focus on being more emotional and politically driven that actually being correct. This is what happens when being on TV and social media is cooler than being in history books.

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