How Politicians Ignored the Lessons From the 2008 Financial Crisis | Thomas Sowell
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3:06 “very few people are likely to connect the dots.”

Exactly, these career politicians are contingent upon an ignorant populous; this is why the public education system, formed by said politicians, is working tirelessly to keep us dumbed down.

Don’t just listen to Thomas Sowell, learn economics, study political history, and become an informed citizen! This is the true path to power!
Sowell is a voice of sanity in these crazy times.
Chris H
The federal government is making the same type of risky, government guaranteed loans to students, as they did with the housing loans, enriching universities and hyping tuition costs leaving students in lifelong debt. This debt is causing students, that take out these loans, to delay purchasing vehicles, homes, and other large ticket items as well as delaying marriages and starting families.
Schwarzer Ritter
Wait, is allowing absurdly high housing loans the reason housing has become so expensive?
Ignored it? They doubled down on the same mistakes that created it.
Hate all the political corruption, and now seem to be coming up on taxpayers with even worse consequences! Too many to name! Thank you to Dr. Sowell for warnings.
B Ross
Thomas Sowell and Jordan Peterson are two of the smartest people on the planet, a true gift to humanity!
Nonya Damnbusiness
This is why we should never re-elect anyone in any office. It should not even be possible to run for re-election or run for any other elected office while still in office.
Dianne Loveland
Thank you for speaking the truth.
Michael Tape
I am no authority on these issue. That said, I could draw metaphorical parallels with what was said and a situation where a child trusts a neglectful parent, and that parent simply keeping up appearances in the public eye. Food for thought in the morning makes for a good breakfast. Thanks again.
It was a perfect scheme. Politicians coerced banks into making subprime loans and then when the housing market collapsed the politicians blamed “ predatory lenders “.
Bob Zee
Mr. Sowell, could recommend just one of your books, when I want to read primarily about society and culture, not much about large scale economics, and even less about politics - which one would it be?
A. Scott Munson Jr.
Great work Dr. Sowell. Scooby snacks for you!
The common thought of many liberal politicians when hearing voters who want to vote them out is something like, "I can't help you if I'm not in office."
noteven AL
What the WEF, and by extension politicians, learned from 2008 was it's not who causes the harm it's who is blamed for the harm. Notwithstanding, the tax payer is always held accountable.

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