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The Generalist
This is happening right now with COVID. An economic and humanitarian disaster subsidized by the government.
Nonya Damnbusiness
I live in Florida and have been through many hurricanes. I'm also a builder. The sad thing is, it's not really difficult to build a coastal house that will withstand most hurricanes.
What is more disconcerting, the same adults whom place the lives of loved ones at risk of dying.

My wife asked me to request a transfer to Florida. I said no because being responsible for our lives is the first priority of a husband. No flood zones nor earthquake potential was my prerequisite, too.

She gave up getting me to leave Texas where there is no state income tax.
Arguably too many people assume those in high government positions are particularly competent and knowledgeable leaders most appropriate and interested in the good of society. That certainly was the tacit position I was exposed to at school while politics was rarely talked about at home. Just as many people probably have not stopped to think what exactly are politicians good at and we as citizens endorse when voting for them: I'd say that's appearing good and compassionate as well as confident they know how to fix societal ills through government
Tbh I couldn't imagine living in a place with large scale annual disasters
Bogdan Ilic
This abuse of compassion is a global trend in politics and it doesn't only revolve around disasters. Some dictators climbed to power because they were good at this. I think that compassion is one of the best traits one can have, and abuse of it is one of the worst deeds one can do.
I never agreed with federal disaster relief. The U.S. government is big enough as it is and wastes enough of taxpayers' dollars.💰
Puppeteer in the Void
In summary, decent people shouldn't have to pay for someone else's idiocy.
Roger Metzger
Good explanation, Mr. Sowell. But you failed to mention one other factor. If the money saved by weaning people off of government bailouts were to be spent, intead, by the people who are now being robbed in the form of taxes, they/we could provide help to our unfortunate neighbors much more effectively and efficiently than government OR insurance companies.
Douglas Rowley
Thomas hits the nail on the head about every time. I fear the economic disaster that's in the making is going to be far worse than any natural disaster.
Eric Collins
Same thing happened when I lived in calgary. (In the province of Alberta, in canada). Sorry….. I usually gotta point out where it is….. anyways, I have digressed enough. The Bow river flooded and destroyed many homes as well as the city zoo and hockey arena. The government paid to replace the houses damaged… at least the government said that if the homeowners chose to rebuild in the same place, that any subsequent flood damages would not be covered by the government…… homeowners were not happy…. Not sure why they felt entitled to government funds when they knew the risk and still stayed in the floods path
Apollo Apostolos
Incredible choice in visual-aid. This carried the story he was telling. Thanks for this upload. It gives me a handy link to share.
Sowell is spot on as usual.
I wish every person in the world could be educated by Thomas Sowell.
Brilliant, as we know each clip will be.
Murat Oguz
The best ever piece of information about disaster relief.
S. Seagull
The insane amount of wisdom this man has, drives me crazy!
Love you Mr. Sowell.
Hope you many more years and give us more of your wisdom.

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