What People Get Wrong About 'Income Redistribution' | Thomas Sowell
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Sowell Explains
This video is the second part of a 2-part series on Income Inequality. Watch Part 1 here:
▶The Truth About Income Inequality: https://youtu.be/IjyOFauHLqE
D Roe
I grew up in Mexico. When I moved to the US at 17 years old, I heard all sorts of people talking about how poor they were. By poor, they meant that cannot buy expensive cars or go out to dinner regularly. These "poor" people had heat and AC in homes they owned or rented, they had their own cars, plenty of clothes, etc. They had no idea what "poor" or "poverty" actually meant.
Chronic Doom
It never ceases to amaze me how Thomas Sowell can unpack so many complex ideas and debunk so many falacies in such a short time
dan trout
99% of the "income inequality" outrage is simply envy and self interest topped with anger and rage with a mask of virtue.
I redistribute my income when I spend it
Blaze Chicken
A man of great wisdom.
Norman Reed
In an ideal world, everyone who screams for income redistribution, should have to view this video and take a test to see if the subject mater entered their thinking. Probably didn’t.
Blaze Chicken
A man of great wisdom.
Kory Tideman
It seems that "academics" lack an understanding of "real work".
Cameron Branch
Most "barriers" that I have experienced in my life were the result of government policy.
Litigious Society
No matter what the argument, it's still theft/extortion, so it's inherently wrong regardless of the outcome. I could probably accomplish a lot of great things, if I stole a billion dollars from people, but it's still unjustified.
Brendan Carlson
Too few people know how to manage their own money.
Maybe we should just get rid of public education and have our kids watch Thomas Sowell videos.
Listening to his classes is like having my soul and brain fed with a nice meal.
I think a concept is very often not considered explicitly. Some products are made once, resources are put in their creation only once but can be endlessly copied and resold, while others create products that can only be sold once.
Rahman A Muhammad Roc
Great job 👍
Lawrence Holland
So it seems that inherited intelligence plays a significant part in the 'income redistribution' problem we seem to be having as a society. I wonder how much the poor state of public education in many communities (many of which are 'disadvantaged') exacerbates the issue. If we can't give our young generation the tools to thrive and succeed, then I don't see a solution any time soon.
Julito Yranela
The explanation is spot on not just based on yelling and a lot of emotional narratives.. Just the facts.. excellent presentation is all I can say.

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