The Failure of Woke Policies (From 'The Great Society' to Present Day) | Thomas Sowell
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This video is the 1st part of a 4-part series titled 'The Failure of the Great Society'. See this playlist for the complete series:
Yi Ching Lau
Golden quote indeed. And this doesn't happened in USA alone either: So long whoever in power using "virtues" to justify their jerkish acts, EVERYONE is suffering.
In other words, the anointed never let evidence of the contrary interfere with their misguided ideologies.
Joe Mahony
As the historian Margaret MacMillan wrote: “Belief as so offen was not to be shaken by inconvenient evidence.‘‘ The more things change…
They only count as a failure from the perspective of people who actually wanted the "crisis" to end. From the anointed ones, they're massive successes since the goal of the policy was different from what they claimed it was.
In the Great Society's case, LBJ's goal? "I'll have those [redacted] voting Democrat for 200 years."
I sometimes avoid listening to positions which I agree with too much because
A) I don’t anticipate learning anything new
B) I don’t like seeing how bad things are while knowing that few people will ever learn from what is being said.

These don’t apply to the works of Sowell. I agree with what is said but almost always learn something knew and his clear explanation make me optimistic that some people may actually think about what they hear him say.
Troy Carr
Wow, this guy called the two years under COVID. 😒
Shawn Culpepper
Originally, to be progressive meant to move forward within reason. Modern progressivism has no logic or reason behind it.
Token Civilian
Step 5 - Demand more money for the anointed policies (e.g. welfare, "free" healthcare for all instead of undoing the root policy of not taxing fringe benefits put in place during WW2, the "homeless crisis" in SanFran/Seattle/Portland) since the only reason the policies failed and the adverse consequences "Z" occurred is we didn't try hard enough / spend enough.
The vision of the anointed📕 💯
j akai
BOOM! You are a godsend, Sir. You say it so clearly. Thank you.
Il Re del Degrado
It's ironic that the more the anointed blame the simplicity of other theorists the more, usually, it's their "response" to be simplistic.
Introduce sex education to avoid teenage pregnancies is the best example of this dialectic effect.
Richard Sousa
I believe every student in school should learn empirical debate. Not only because they’ll learn the importance of empirical evidence over rhetorical. But because they won’t always get to choose the side they’re on. One of the more enlightening experiences in my education was my teacher making us pick sides for a debate and then make cases and arguments for the other side instead. It helped to put us in others shoes. And when you want your side to be right more than you want the truth, you often pollute yourself and any values you were attempting to uphold.

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