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I wonder how society would be like if Mr. Sowell's lectures would be taught in every school and university.
Matheus Henrique
This man is amazing, also the similarities of what he says with what happens in my country are overwhelming. The adoption of hard left leaning thinking leads to the same problems anywhere.
The swedish government often prides itself for our high standard health care and it is true that we have some really good specialized care, but it went at the cost of making "normal" care much less accessable (long wait lists and poor quality). A few decades ago it was the other way arround, we didnt have much specialized care and people had to go abroad. So by improving the one, they had to scale back on the other. You cant have it all i.e. free + accessable + high standard. And in later years the fees have gotten more and higher so it isnt even "free" anymore.

If you want to see a doctor you first have to pass the evaluation at the phone if it is "urgent enough". If not, you better be prepared waiting. So you have to "play sicker" (but never say you have had your problem for a long time, then the answer will be "then you can live with it a little longer") to game the system to get in.

And now they shout that the central government should take over the health care from the regional governments, as if it fixes the probelm. Why should it? The underlying problem is still there - government run health care. It probably makes it worse. Now there at least is a bit comptetition between the regional governments since they allowed you to go to other regions and get health care there instead. That will then be gone, the same shit all over the country.
Cynical Aries
Wouldn't it have been awesome to have been one of Sowell's students. For anyone that has had that opportunity, I'm so jealous.
Pan Z
Reminded of the simple aphorism, "there is no free lunch." When a politician says he'll make something cheaper, every voter should ask how. Ignorant citizens that elect politicians from superficial promises degrade their nation.
Phoenix-King 77
The government creates problems through government action. Then try to fix the problem with more government action
Robert Ortiz-Wilson
This man is incredible!
mike nagy
Term limits would stop a lot of the BS. Six years and out, enough time to actually learn how to navigate but not enough time to become entrenched.
Qui-Gon Jinn
Parents: Lies aren't going to get you anywhere.
Politicians: Hold my beer.
Fallout Fan
But, but, Bernie Sanders says it's all possible, if we just become more like Denmark!
Apparently, they have it all figured out! :D
great talk
Dendra Dwar
Here in Ireland the new maternity hospital was costed at 600m ... 3 years later and nothing done the cost is now 1,700m with a warning that this not likely to be the final cost ... oh and we in Ireland have "free" health care
When this man passes away due to old age, you can bet his legacy will be scrubbed from textbooks.

It's not as if he'd be able to say anything in his defense

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