The Unseen Costs of 'Saving Lives' | Thomas Sowell
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Billy Brant
I once randomly stumbled on a podcast that Sowell was in during college and learned more about how to critically think in 5 min of that then in 20 years in the US education system, Thomas Sowell is truly a national treasure
pedro villanueva
I am amazed at this man's hability to put into words something which is obviously true yet, so difficult to express. He truly understands economics.
Jester Jamie
This channel is essential. I am so proud of the phenomenal work you put into each video you create. You are keeping Dr. Sowell’s insight, intellect, & vision alive & well! Thank you! 🙏❤️
Gary Anders
So much logic from Mr Sowell and yet today we have to many people more interested in tiktok and twitter influencers and politicians opinions
Leo 75
Logical as always. Thank you Dr. Sowell. 😊
Renato Carini
I absolutely love this channel.
This man makes so much sense it's euphoric
paraconsistent jojo
I love the happy cheery piano music right after he completely annihilates political rhetoric. 🤣
If this ain't the ultimate truth then I don't know what is.
Yet again I feel smarted than before watching the vid.
Much Thanks.
Kaiser Basileus
Two problems there;

1) the system is set up to hide externalities
2) the system is set up to benefit special interests
thank you sir for all you do
Ive been anticipating new videos. This made my day, thank you 😊
Avatar Aang
The fact that this channel only has 13.8K subscribers after so many months is really concerning. Do people not want to listen to logic anymore?
David Barnett

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