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This is Part 2 of an 8-Part series on Geography and Culture. See here for the complete series: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL7s6piXiFK-TaMDsKM4I7IS7iaNiyONEM
Nordic Son
Always both educational and enjoyable, thank you.
Teggiano Salerno
I was born in Canada to parents from the area of what was once called Lucania in Italy which is referenced in this video, let me tell you it's like going back in time visiting there. It's pretty incredible, a people frozen in time, even the dialect they speak. The town is called Teggiano.
Brilliant! Thank you, Dr Sowell!
craig reid
The Swiss watch industry was originally staffed by mountain cattle herders, who had no employment during the winter months...
Just a curious question, will there be a video about Croats, Croat diaspora and Croatia, their history, culture, tradition etc. Something similar to videos regarding Germans, Japanese etc. ?
i'm of Scottish Highland ancestry (albeit born in England) and i try to read English history and be as English/Anglo as possible, but i sometimes think the "mountain DNA" comes out, like being very pissed off at dishonour - that kind of thing. i think geography may well influence a people; plus men can shape it themselves to a large degree. Look at somewhere like Belfast, they paint tribal murals on the walls, and they tend to be very collectivist over there - they actually shape their environment to increase this ethnocentrism.

The intimate terrace houses in northern England foster these working-class communities that seem to be very close knit; then you got the grand expanse of London and these neighbourhoods filled with high rent dwellings used by people to work in, then leave after they've made money - what you get from these places are hyper individualistic, dank shitholes. But also dynamic, original and exciting cultural spaces. With a more more diverse spectrum of perception than you'll find elsewhere in England. Geography i believe does influence people, but the interplay between genes and environment is a huge factor too.
Mar Schlosser
Hillbillies are us. American Indian, white, and black ancestors all came from hilly areas and found norther Appalachia a new home. When the old black and white movie about the feud between the Hatfields and McCoys came out, my grandparents had a good laugh at the term trashy pork eating lowlanders. the old word for lowlander is Polloc, fog in head. But, we also love to see kids getting a real education. Education is vital especially for women who may need something to fall back on if the husband becomes an invalid or dies.
Japan is 90% mountainous, how's that for industry.
Andy Kaknes
Wasn't this an excerpt from Thomas Sowell's book: Migrations & Culture?
Sergio Leonardo Cornejo
Resources, when properly used, leads to prosperity. Mountain regions have plenty of resources
Mochie bellina
Ive been called a racist... yet how is it I find this fellow so much more on point than noem chumpsky
What Name?
Mr. Sowell respecfully Gurkhali people are people of and from Nepal and not India. Thank you.
The Raging Platypus
Even in the US, we see this. The accent of Appalachia remained distinct from the lowlands and still does to some extent and quilt making is a high dollar craft.
David Barnes
I’d like to thank you for this video, but also to correct one point; the correct pronunciation of Gaelic for the Scottish version is with a strong A as in Apple rather than the soft a, which is the Irish version.
Many thanks
What Name?
Mr. Sowell respecfully Gurkhali people are people of and from Nepal and not India. Thank you.
Id love to know how Sowell came up with his ideas on cultures and countries. Like where did he start, did he build upon old theories or did he start from scratch. its fascinating. Especially all the topics about inlaand rivers coasatal areas, geography in general, etc.
Cheryl Brooks
I just adore this man. Brilliant!
Perhaps the best example of this is the Himalayas which wasn't covered much in this excerpt. The highest mountain range causes some of the rainiest places towards its south while a large part of the globe is left barren in Tibet. Plus the area has some of the most diverse climate and culture in the world. Plus being on the migrating route where early humans went through the people here are some of the most diverse looking in any given place without accounting for recent mass migrations.
Gale Drive
This man is a genius.

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