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This is Part 5 of an 8-Part series on the life of Karl Marx. See here for the complete series:
Sergio Leonardo Cornejo
Isn't it fascinating how unproductive those two were? Yet they claimed to stand for workers.
And yet, there are people who believe we should listen to these two about how a country or a business should be run.
I love how Sowell's writings make the life of this repulsive man absolutely fascinating. He has such a gift for narrative.
I hear you have to pay to see Marx's grave. Now that's just priceless.

Or not, as it were.
Ibraahiym Kadessh
Mr. Sowell is a great story teller who should do more historical biography. Good job, my man. Can I buy the whole book some where.
Marx was continually bailed out and subsidized by others throughout his life, which gave him no incentive to change his ways.
Chris Axelson
Marx and Engel: tag team heavyweight champions of the grift.
Someone needs to make a comedy satire film about the life of Karl Marx
Kory Tideman
If Marx had had a job, things might have been different... Marx and Engels appeared to not have any oars in the water - they were educated far beyond their abilities to comprehend.
Nordic Son
How can two people who seem like they never work , be the symbol of the workers ?
Now l understand why they are the idols of the 30 year old basement dwelling Starbucks lovers still living off mom and dad.
Zero1 ZeroLast
Bursted out laughing at tbe saying, "I have to be in the office no later 10."
Boston Blackie
This man is certainly worth listening to, and the creator of such worthy conversations one should conduct with others.That is why one has to remember it is but one opinion that should lead to further investigation on the topic at hand. Once upon a time people actually discussed such topic on television educating the masses in hope they would further educate themselves. How civilisation has fallen!
Troy Davenport
Marx was speaking from experience whilst writing his legacy. You can have everything you want!*

* Through hard work and determination.
David Navarro
From which book are these extracts taken ? They provide a very insightful analysis on Marx’s life, who would have thought that he got evicted for non-payment of rent (not a shame in itself but makes him more relatable to many) and that Engels worked sometimes as a factory manager!

Fun fact: the « Vogt » Sowell talks about was named Karl Vogt (1817-1895), a German scientist who after participating in the 1848 revolution emigrated to Geneva where he became a municipal councilor and rector of the city’s university.
conservative libertarian
Where are the sources? This whole series is obviously just a twelve hour long smear campaign of personal attacks. Instead of being critical of their ideology, you attack Marx and Engles' personal character. How very reactionary of you to just ignore all of Marx's empiracle theories and his sociological contributions to society. You don't even show any transcripts of the letters; you just state your biased interpretation. It's honestly sad that you people are watching this twelve hour series and you're just just repeating the same statements Collin Powell hammered into your brains, "Hur Dur Marx was lazy cuz Collin powell said so duuhhrrr..." instead of actually criticizing Marx and Engles ideological takes. It really does just show the lack of critical thinking if this is the best you all can do.
Robert R. Abell
Thank you Dr. Thomas Sowell for my Daly dose of Sowell. Always appreciate your Real History Lesson. All day long Yahoo

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