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This video is the last part of a 4-part series titled 'The Failure of the Great Society'. See this playlist for the complete series:
David Ogundipe
This man is a blessing to the world.
Gregg Sadler
I had a class in high school in the late 1970s. This class was called human relations and was as twisted of a view of the human nature as what these judges were. I remember an assignment that we had to judge the criminal justice system. I came out on the side of what’s often called law and order as opposed to rehabilitation. I had a friend who was older who had taken the class and told me that I should not speak out against the teacher, as a warning to me. I did not heed his warning and on a project where I definitely did more research than the teacher had thought anyone would I received a grade of a C. I had never received anything but an a ever. I did get my dad involved, and to make a long story somewhat short, my grade was changed to a B. The teacher said my grade was low because I never took into account the emotional harm done to the person who was in jail.
They don’t realize that there is such a thing as evil, and evil can not be rehabilitated.

It’s not justice, if those who do wrong aren’t punished. And if evil isn’t punished, then those who withhold themselves for fear of consequences will become more bold and act on impulse with less thought.
This issue was actually the argument between Spider-Man and Doctor Strange in the movie, "Spider-Man: No Way Home".
I agreed with Dr. Strange.
Elon mudd
You're a rare gem thank you for sharing your knowledge 🙏 I've learned so much
Tony Stark
So what im kind of getting from this (currently halfway through the video) is that these anointed people had an idea they thought was better in handling criminality.
That criminals could be shown the error of their ways, repent, and become law abiding citizens through rehabilitation.

Imho, even though this is a noble sentiment, i think it was also a dangerously naieve and idealistic idea. And the anointed Sowell speaks off seemed to have no problem with implementing this culture in the justice system.

I wonder if they realised that they were gambling the (long term) safety of US citizens as the price of their, in their eyes correct, views.

Edit: No sooner than 1,5 minute later into the video after i wrote this, theres the part where Justice Harlan is described by Sowell to emotionally exclaim this new doctrine to be dangerous experimentation, in favor of the accused.
These anointed judges have committed more murders than any other serial killer in the history.
So someone who murders in cold blood will just have to he rehabilitated for however long?

The families that have to endure, knowing their killer is getting special treatment.
Tragedy and travesty, often the ones pushing us down the cliff escape the consequences whether it be because the changes can only be seen after long time has passed or because even if such consequences were to be automatic these people are shielded from everyday reality by the very same position that allowed them to make such devastating changes, it is good to be an ivory tower dweller.
Traditions are answers to questions solved so long ago we've forgotten what the questions were.
If I were convicted of stealing cars, psychiatrists asking about my childhood and my need to steal would be an unbearable punishment.
Fantastic as always! It doesn't take a genius to know that there are people who love being evil.
and now they're trying the same exact thing all over again, with the same exact results
Just picked up Intellectuals and Race as well as the expanded Intellectuals and Society. Wonderful
Isaiah Agboh
When I hear these statements about "turning prisons into rehab centers & psychiatric hospitals," I fully understand the concept of Arkham Asylum and why it has a revolving door.
Rehabilitation though therapy is a good thing. But if people don't have an incentive to go through rehabilitation in the first place (like not being locked up or have other rights suspended) they simply won't do that.
Chuck Williams
Thank you,Mr Sowell.
The more I learn, the more in favor I am for harsh punitive justice and think reformative justice is at best, misguided, and at worst, harmful.

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