The False Promises of Affirmative Action (A Case Study) | Thomas Sowell
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This is Part 2 of a 6-Part series on analyzing the affirmative action policies around the world. See here for the complete series:
Christopher de Vidal
There’s nothing quite as permanent as a temporary government program
Nordic Son
My wife is from India ... my sister in law is from Vietnam ( 2nd generation). These groups got no affirmative action systems ,yet some groups still can't seem to get ahead... but Vietnamese and Indian students with superior grades are turned away from Princeton in favor of other ethnic groups.
Sowell should be on every college curriculum for Economics, Business, Government/Civics, Ethics, etc ...
Yehim Stone
Showing these videos should be mandatory in every high school
William Styers
If I am facing critical surgery, I want a surgeon with the best grades and education possible, not one who was admitted because of a "quota". Face the facts that everyone should be given the opportunity to rise to the maximum that their talent allows not given a free pass to something that is beyond their ability. Dr. Sowell is from my hometown in the South. He became a well respected scholar due to his ability not because of a government program.
A. Williams
I find it interesting that "diversity" quotas never include seeing more female bricklayers and janitors.
Alex Tamayo
Even when I was a Marxist I thought that the theory that if people are not represented in something the same way as in the census was stupid. I didn't know why back then, but instinctually it has always seem very stupid to me.
Bernardo Paula
I don I understand how this man does not have over a million subscriber
Ronny H
Lowering the standards to benefit anyone, hurts us all. Just not the way to do it. Especially when you have tests to take and the people chosen are in the top 10%. Do not lower the standards it only hurts everyone.
Jamaal Truth
"But you have to remember, it's only temporary." These are D.C. Representative Eleanor Holmes Norton's reassuring words about affirmative action when it was being debated in the 1990's. Similar assurances were expounded by SCOTUS Justice Sandra Day O'Connor in that court's tortured 2003 decision in Gruter v. Bollinger. Hogwash.
Shion Kreth
The crazy thing is that these people never stop to think whether or not the most likely outcome of making things easier, or even guaranteed, for certain ethnic groups... is producing a generation of exceptional people who CAN complete equally once the affirmative action is over. What you seem to actually get only stands to reason - a culture used to special privileges, holding the firm belief that they're only behind in any area because they're being held back.
Jazz Jackrabbit
Lyndon B Johnson and Nixon screwing things up again? I am shocked!
Luis Corres
This man is a mine of wisdom!

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