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This is Part 4 of a 6-Part series on analyzing the affirmative action policies around the world. See here for the complete series: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL7s6piXiFK-RP812KQD_uaI-xLrZ-Rw-v
Ian Clerget
The commentary regarding honors is correct. The way I put it is “attention is a hell of a drug.”
IGKS (life)
What is more insulting? Being thought of as a quota that needs to be filled, or being fired because you lack the skills required?
Just Doing It Jim
As far as losing skills, I was more than capable and willing to pass on my skills as a Master Carpenter and Craftsman before I retired. But, most young people don't want to go through the effort required to learn those skills. The several that I did train thought they knew it all after just a few months and left to work on their own. They all failed, blaming me for not preparing them enough or "holding back" teaching important skills they needed. If they had stayed with me they would've acquired lots of those skills, but you can't teach 50+ years of experience in just a few months. All they wanted to know was the shortcuts or "secrets of the trade." I refuse to teach like that, because if you don't know the fundamentals of the skill, then you'll always try using shortcuts, which can lead to inferior work or just bad quality! Neither of which will advance your skills or your business!
Alan Roehrich
I didn't know that there was a bright side.
Keaton MCcarthy
Great video
Bangkok Zed
- We found the perfect candidate for French interpretation, importantly she is a handicapped, minority woman, divorced and a single mother.
- But she doesn't speak French.
- It's OK she can learn it on the job.
A. Scott Munson Jr.
Great work Dr. Sowell. Scooby snacks for you!
Kitty Cat
Great great stuff!
shane hansen
I'll just name one country Zimbabwe extreme affimative action with dire results
Ketanji Brown will forever be known as, "Justice Token"
Ketanji Brown Jackson - “quota Justice”

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