Why Affirmative Action Is Unnecessary (A Worldwide Analysis) | Thomas Sowell
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Sowell Explains
This is the last of a 6-Part series on analyzing the affirmative action policies around the world. See here for the complete series: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL7s6piXiFK-RP812KQD_uaI-xLrZ-Rw-v
Trey Hudson
In 1992 I graduated from a competitive highschool and just outside the top 10% of my class and scored a 1260 on my SATs.

I was at first denied entrance into University of Texas Business School due to my class ranking/test scores. Yet if I were black, I would have qualified for a scholarship. I wrote a letter to the school and got in immediately.
Nordic Son
To bad these facts aren't give to college students who say they are facing more oppression than tnier grandparents.
AI should model itself after Sowell's reasonings.
Cody Walter
Hello! I am hoping to look into some this research myself and see what I can do to better understand it and help those around me really understand what is at play. I saw the links you included in the about section, but are those sources where you got all of your data? I'd love to take a look at these stats and figures in their raw form if possible.
Thanks for introducing me to Thomas Sowell's work!
Dave B
I wonder if the "preferential policies" are actually a devious way to hold a group down that is on its way up. Having the attributes of the least risky person to fire (white/male) if you don't work out makes you the best person to give an opportunity to for a critical (higher paying) position when candidates appear close to equivalent in all other criteria. Why should you risk being stuck with a problematic critical employee unnecessarily. And just to help us out more, you now have to pay a group more money for less hours of work because of a statistical correlation of choices to groups and the appearance of a wage gap for those who ignore the value/wage data. Life keeps getting better. Of course, voices of reason like Sowell may push things to be more fair moving forward.
WOW, it's almost as if all the facts say that people would be better off if Government didn't try to mess with their personal lives.
π—šπ—²π—Όπ—Ώπ—΄π—² πŸ”°
How effective is combating emotions with facts and logic? Not at all, not at all.
Malcolm Vambe
It’s a good thing that affirmative action is being banned. It’s hurts blacks I’m short term though to incentivized us to be more focused on consistency and performance. Meritocracy is important.
Random Anonymous Person
Mind I ask some things? Who owns this channel (Dr Sowell himself?)? Is the speaking voice Dr Sowell himself? Are these interpretations or actual quotes from Dr Sowell?

Pardon, I just want to know the perspective by which the information is presented. Information here is very insightful, but I also wonder how much is lost through translation or interpretation.
Infinity's End
I find it amusing how people like Thomas Sowell and Clearance Thomas are opposed to Affirmative Action when they both have benefited from it their whole lives!
Low expectations begets mediocrity
Neill Buchner
We in South Africa have seen it all playing out before our eyes. .
David Barnett

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