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This is Part 3 of an 8-Part series on Geography and Culture. See here for the complete series: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL7s6piXiFK-TaMDsKM4I7IS7iaNiyONEM
Pink Puff
Honestly this video feels like something from a ”how to create a fictional world” video.
Explaining realistic and important reasons to why and where things happen, also by giving examples you can allow the viewer to get a better understanding of not just how their fictional world should work, but how the real world does work.

Great video :)
dan jackson
Pure respect for you sir. Enjoy your perspective
There is a similar thesis about the difference between 'latitudinal or longitudinal ' countries,
where a country elongated within one or two lines of latitude, in simple terms 'long, vertical' countries
will have fewer variations in produce and culture than 'wide horizontal' countries with many differing climates and soils.
Mary Filson
And promiscuity and diseases are rampant in the coastal areas as well.
I know the real Sowell is not the one who runs this channel, but could anyone more knowledgeable about these insights than myself explain to me how this would apply pre-discovery age technology, that would allow significantly greater travel distance more safely and swiftly, and thus lead to actual cultural mingling that you wouldn't find inland? Or is coastal here not actually referring to the coast so much as a country's "borders" (in airquotes because I think countries having defined borders was actually something that came about relatively late history-wise for most countries, though I may be wrong).
The Greeks colonised the Western shores of the Black Sea coast or conquered already established settlements there by other paleo-balkanic populations, thus preventing the Thracians from developing a maritime culture. It's obvious to all that the Greeks made a great civilization, while the Thracians are an obscure people with very little by them left behind.
Marko Polo
Happy Belated Birthday Mr Sowell🙏🦅🇺🇸
A. Scott Munson Jr.
Great work Dr. Sowell. Scooby snacks for you!
Sergio Leonardo Cornejo
If you wonder why this didn't happen in Yucatan, or any Central American region, the answer is simple. Continental isolation.
David Barnett
Christian Ronald Andrew Panjaitan
Coastal city of Balikpapan. Indonesia.
blue anon
I learned about peru recently and tupac amaru
Definitely spoken like a True prodigy
A rather short Sowell I see

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