Playing the Game of Affirmative Action (A Worldwide Analysis) | Thomas Sowell
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This is Part 3 of a 6-Part series on analyzing the affirmative action policies around the world. See here for the complete series:
Cherkish Delight
I've been thinking about identifying as "non-binary" since it requires nothing of me, can mean whatever I choose it to mean, and affords me a special status among my colleagues in the world of public education. Alas, I have too much integrity to go through with it.
Ronny H
Reaffirms my belief that we are better off when government leaves us alone.
Steven Brown
I have for a long time thought and genuinely believe in fairness but do not trust the proposition of affirmative action to deliver any beneficial outcome,call me cynical I but those people behind the narrative were fully aware of the outcome’s but want to create corruption and discrimination and will try to cancel anyone that doesn’t agree with the narrative. Thank you Thomas for your work brings perspective through facts.
Graywalker Join3rdParty
I belong to a Minority that is so discriminated against that we aren't even recognized as a Minority. We are readily discernable. There is a significant body of mythology surrounding this Minority. We are singled out, often assign to crap duties due explicitly for our ethnicity. We have our own racial slur. In fact, our racial slur is the same as another common racial slur that is verboten to say if you swap the first and 3rd letters. How can that be?
I am a Redhead. Anyone who thinks we are just White people has never dated one.
LOL "quotas within quotas" "original backwards"

A competition who is more backward sounds like a true socialist activity.
Neelam Ings
thank you Mr. Sowell !
Cat Man
A. Scott Munson Jr.
Great work Dr. Sowell. Scooby snacks for you!
A.J. Hodges
Regarding his data for the growth of the Native American population I can think of 2 other things that could cause a change in those numbers. Firstly, legal immigration. There are many people from Canada and Central and South America that could legitamately claim Native American ethnicity and IF immigration of such happened in enough volume over the 20 years considered that could account for that increase.

Secondly, individuals who previously weren't counted at all. For example, prior illegal immigrants who eventually achieved legal status or residents of reservations that had been particularly bad at census taking but improved during that time period, may suddenly show up as he described. Some combination of these is probably the reality but I would be interested to know which are the most responsible.
Robert R. Abell
Thank you Dr. Thomas Sowell for my Daly dose of Sowell. Always appreciate your Real History Lessons. All day long Yahoo 😅
I like how this unintentionally explains the rise in pretender Trans people. They perceive benefits to being the other gender and want to reap those benefits, often without actually making the transition. Gender fluid people take it the next step by cherry-picking when they are which identity
South Africa is a prime example of "previously disadvantaged" groups being given preferential advantages in business and employment yet only the connected few truly benefit, all the rest who should have benefitted remain poor or become poorer. The "previously advantaged" are slowly becoming poorer as is intended but the whole policy has not created any form of equality.
This is an interesting topic, and I generally agree that affirmative action does not help the people who it is intended to help. The one point I would like to make in this discussion is that at least some of these programs aren't just acts of moral restitution but legal. When you mentioned indigenous Australians, I remembered that some of the more recent benefits (I'm sorry I don't know specifically what they are) were due to the Australian government losing in Federal court over the stolen generation. I'm sure that many affirmative action benefits have their origins in legal as much as moral obligations (both in Australia and around the world) and as such removing all "affirmative action" laws isn't as straight forward as it sounds.
Sowell's explanations about the reservations and preferential treatments in India are indeed factual, and that's exactly what happened. They watered down the target groups who deserved benefits. The governments (local, center) fall if they try to change the equations.

Proves that it is a universal phenomenon.
Panzer of the lake
In India "Reservations" policy (affirmative action) is really hated as it sharply discriminates against people of higher castes who have no perceived advantage in reality and are working hard to move up, while the lower caste members who are given the reservation are either from better off families or are jusy lazy and dont care about moving up.

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