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This is the part 7 of an 8-Part series on Geography and Culture. See here for the complete series: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL7s6piXiFK-TaMDsKM4I7IS7iaNiyONEM
Legate 7
People only blame empires for Africa being poor. Again colonialism isnt the only cause of poverty. If it was then why is the USA so rich? It was a colony of Britain.
David Mizak
The remarkable information you provide to your viewers needs to be applauded. I sincerely appreciate your effort to expand your viewers knowledge. A sincere thank you!
I'm glad to be listening to your channel, you always answer most of the wondering that I have and make it clearer to me. Thank you.
Sergio Leonardo Cornejo
Most people forget cultural progress was achieved through trade, food, and health. Living in isolated places where danger is prevalent and food scarce guarantees a delay.
Absolutely fascinating.
Fadel Yacoub
Excellent presentation. There is a book authored by the Egyptian scholar Gamal Hamdan in the 1960s named " The New Africa: A Study In Political Geography" has almost the same analysis about how the geography of Africa is the main cause of the African underdevelopment . The book is in Arabic.
Bryon Grosz
Thomas Sowell always provides great insight, and this is no exception.
Christopher Jones
As a kid I believed the myth that Europeans were able to come into a continent that they were totally unfamaliar with and start enslaving people who actually lived there with no local help like clockwork: Having served in the Marines I now know that myth to have been tactically impossible
J.F. Gonzalez
I think this means that the African people were not only depressed by their unique geography, but also preserved by it. Technological and cultural forms that would have been out competed or destroyed in other places were preserved allowing vast stretches of primitive technological forms to survive and thrive. It makes you think maybe the stimulus that prompted the rise of advanced technology in other places was as much war and conflict as trade and exchange. When a civilization develops and advanced technology they use it to conquer other regions and spread their technology as a result.
Sylvar Ogre
I am enjoying this series immensely.
Great video…it’s something I’ve always wondered about. But nothing I knew made sense.
Talha Karaman
I wish I found out about Thomas Sowell earlier. Thank you for voicing his essays.

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